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  1. Hello Fiverr Community, I'm a new seller on Fiverr, and I've been pondering something lately. Despite my efforts to create an impressive gig with great visuals, detailed descriptions, and competitive pricing, it seems that buyers consistently opt for sellers with ratings. So, I'd like to hear from you all – how important are ratings when choosing a seller? Is it purely about trust, or should buyers be open to exploring new sellers who might offer better deals? Your insights and experiences on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hey vicki

    i took your tips to my attention and i changed my gig.

    it would be awesome if you could check it out and give me any other advice

    i certainly started reading in the forums but i would love some personal advice.


    thank you alot



    1. vickieito


      Hi @yonatansegev, personal advice is best sought on the forum - just create a post and other sellers can look at your gigs and give you feedback.


      it would be awesome if you could check it out and give me any other advice

      I still think you need a stronger portfolio - before and after pictures are just of you (and clients will want to know that you can help them as well).

      I'd like to see client photos/success stories so that clients can know who you cater to. It looks like you only cater to men, who want to bulk up (so no women, people who want to lose weight, etc.). It's okay to just focus on the niche you've selected - but if you want more clients, it might be helpful to expand to allow for other body types.

      Either way, client success stories will resonate the best with potential buyers.

  3. The problem was i didnt verify my phone number. thank you anyway my gig is now up you can go check it out :)
  4. I've added a before and after picture and a transformation video. i will definitely watch the fiverr help files. thank you very much. hope this will help 🙂
  5. Amazing my friend i appreciate it very much. i will adapt my gig - thank you very much my brother.
  6. So what do i need to do in order to make my gig work. im assuming if i have 0 buying and reviews people wont just buy it.
  7. Hello my fellow friends i hope you all are having an amazing week so far. i just uploaded my first gig to fiverr and i would love for you guys to give me tips because my lack of experience. heres my gig : https://www.fiverr.com/s/8aLypE very happy to share it i would love to get any tips on the specific gig and any tips for growth thank you very much, joni
  8. i completed the entire gig writing and everything is working but when im pressing on "publish my gig" nothing happing and the gig is stuck in drafts is saying it is proccesing the video i uploaded but its been more than a day any pro tips ?
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