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  1. fiverr takes 20% from income of every project. this is quite a lot of money when the project is over 1000$. this money goes away from our clients, and eventually leads to either very high cost, or if calculated badly, a loss on seller side. this is a situation that no one wants: not us, not buyers and certainly not fiverr. i have 2 proposals. 1. clarify on each offer we make to a client, the NETO amount that seller would receive. 2. consider a program where at higher project cost, fiver takes less fee.
  2. +1 for new methods. anything just not paypal and payoneer.
  3. agree. on cases where it was obviously not our error, or the order was not suitable for the client, fiver should not calculate that cancellation in your performance. contacting support team should do the job. the fiverr team also told me that they prefer that i keep my gigs open, and let them help me, if a buyer makes a mistake order, rather than having the other option of "closing" the gigs for automatic order. (this is something you can do)
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