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  1. @Yoav.M@rizwan14321 @williambryan392 I have seller plus and I still don't have that option. (see image)
  2. It looks that your pages are not findable in the search list, I have search for multiple of your gigs by using your title and category, but you are never on the search list. Maybe you should contact fiverr support for this. I can see your pages and now you probably have some clicks as I and maybe others has seen your link in here, but I am not able to find your page. Another thing. Videos are a very powerfull tool to convince people. I think you are using the opportunity wrong. It does show what you are doing, which they already know by seeing the title of your page. I think a good video also contains what you have done. And if you have done no work yet, try to make a few examples. This also works in your case for screenshots. Also use bullet points in your texts, a story is nice, but people like to read bullet points. Also, youa re in very active categories, try to make your title, page, pricing unique in comparison of others, maybe even lower your price if you still won't get orders after the search thing is solved. I personally have invested a lot of time in small cheap tasks before I became successfull on Fiverr. I hope this helps.
  3. Hey. Can you send you Fiverr gig page, then I can take a better look for you. My page has only 1 click per 100 views, so it is not that weird if you didn't get any clicks right away. What you can also do is try put yourself in the shoes of a client and look what page you click when searching. Use that gig page and compare that with your page and look what you are missing.
  4. Hey, I am also a game developer. I mostly do Unity work. What kind of collab are you thinking of?
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