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  1. Yes I have one gig being affected by the customer support cancellations BUT for the second gig both cancellations were done before the requirements were placed and within minutes of the order being placed. They were not canceled through customer service. They didn't have to be because the policy is that orders canceled before requirements are placed don't affect you, or at least they didn't. I have been told that my gigs have been manually checked and that my scores are correct and then told they will escalate and then I had this from a shift manager - It did not in fact answer my question which was "has your policy changed on cancellations before requirements?" are placed. An answer would have been either "yes" or "no". The irony that I have made many posts on the forum's level system feedback thread started by Kesha that he sent a link to was not lost on me. I do not doubt that I have spent more time reading it than he has. I am still insisting on confirmation on this. I am happy to message them until I get the "transparency" they promise.
  2. From what I understand and I am trying to get confirmation on this but no one wants to be straight with me. If you have ever had any cancellations ever in your history then they are being held against you if they deem that it is a "bad cancellation". How they sort good and bad cancellations I don't know. The fact that the word "transparency is part of this new system is an absolute joke.
  3. I look at my success score and honestly, I feel like I should bury it under a tree and give it a gravemarker. RIP. I have nothing left to give to Fiverr. I have been giving it everything and apparently, that isn't enough. Weekends, holidays, late nights, bowing, and scraping, I am completely stumped as to what else I can do. Apparently, my best is only worth 5 out of 10.
  4. Anyone elses score drop? I have gone from a 6 to 5. My most popular gig with the most returning customers is the lowest scoring. Surely there is something wrong with that? I have now paused the lowest gig. It had a strong negative impact next to cancellations. (there were only two cancellations both withing a few minutes and both before requirements were submitted). The cancellations issue is a massive problem. They need to figure out whatever bug or whatever. Who thought that implementing a higher-scoring gig and lowering so many people's numbers would be a good idea? Great way to inspire everyone bravo. I don't feel hopeless and discouraged at all.
  5. I went to the webinar and made a few notes on what stood out to me Revisions and "extended delivery" does not impact your success DIRECTLY but if it could have been avoided with better communication for example then it could affect it overall. They are taking from a wider timespan (we kind of knew this) rather than the old 60 days. (apparently, this is to help sellers but I am not too sure how) You should pause underperforming gigs and it MIGHT help. If a best-selling gig has a lower success score we should take that into consideration Take a wider look at things. (Has anyone had success from deleting low-scoring gigs?) Value for money - We need to show buyers the value they are getting so share processes to show how valuable the work being done. However they have said they have heard our concerns and are looking at it. They are aware of cancellation issues and are working hard to resolve them. Location inconsistencies- Digital nomads are concerned of location inconsistency. They are looking for suspicious activity. If it is a mistake reach out to CS It's all about being a positive experience for sellers Remember our score is compared to other people in that category so even with no orders the metrics MIGHT change. I recommend you go if you can even just to make yourself heard and ask questions to make them aware of our issues
  6. This was a long time ago before I had that option. And before I could afford the extra money for seller plus every month.
  7. The problem is who actually wants to help someone who complains? We are getting angry and customer service I am sure is experiencing a fair amount of abuse but at the end of the day we are just a few people. Even if there were tens of thousands of us it wouldn't be enough to put a dent in the amount of sellers on the platform. The number of people willing to take their lumps because they are desperate to earn (I don't blame them I have been there).
  8. I thought I would update you on my foray into the canceled gigs. I have a big negative impact on gig cancellation on one of my gigs making it a four. I have only ever had two cancellations on that gig both within a few minutes of placing the order and both before requirements were submitted. After a day of back and forth, a customer support agent said they would escalate. I received an email 3 hours ago stating the following K_______ here this time, thank you for your patience while our relevant team thoroughly reviewed your Gigs' success score and key areas. It was confirmed that there is no discrepancy, and the scores you are seeing are correct and reflect your performance. Regarding the Order Cancellations key area that may be displayed under your Gig success score, it's important to clarify that this is different from OCR (Order Completion Rate %). The Order Cancellation key area considers various metrics around order cancellations, including factors related to the order process before determining bad cancellations. It's a smarter, more complex indicator and not a simple percentage like OCR. I can only inferr from this that old cancellation policies no longer apply. If you have any cancellations I suggest you check them and go to customer support. Anyone can get an order placed by mistake, no one is safe from that. I have asked if the previously stated bug with cancellations therefore does not apply to me. I also had a client request a delivery extension because they had a loss in the family. If delivery extensions are held against us I wonder what Fiverr would like me to tell them.
  9. So not only are canceled orders that went through customer service from unresponsive clients and canceled orders before requirements were submitted affecting our score (and turning policy into an outright lie) Now extended delivery is an issue? Can someone confirm this? I teach people. My gigs have a 7-day delivery for a single lesson which I think is reasonable for scheduling but often students have to cancel and reschedule and ask me to extend delivery. I am flabbergasted how this could be held against me that a client needs to reschedule an order. What about clients who just don't show up for lessons? That leave me sitting there for half an hour waiting? Customers that cancel at the last second over and over. Clients that are 45 minutes late. And we have no recourse? I have done the lesson prep and set aside the time and I can't deliver the order because there hasn't been a lesson. I put up with all of that with a smile and yes sir no sir and now I have to deal with being actively penalised for clients needing extensions?
  10. From what I am reading I am noticing this seems to be nurturing a combative and resentful environment between sellers and buyers, particularly stemming from private reviews. I don't know how this would be solved perhaps redacted comments that say "anonymous" to give clarity on where issues lie with the loss of points. This is simply an observation as things unfold.
  11. I queried customer service about this today and was told that my cancellations did count. I am trying to find out how that is possible because they hadn't submitted the requirements and I was told that I should have contacted customer support at the time and they can't help me now. Then I replied that the message on the cancellation page is - Order was canceled via the Resolution Center Policy update: The cancellation will not affect any of your seller statistics as ___________ canceled the order before sending their requirements. I have queried if they have therefore changed their policy. Considering my back and forth over the day I would say we should all still be very worried about the cancellation issue
  12. I feel your pain. Orders that were canceled that had no effect because I went through customer service or were canceled before they submitted requirements and two minutes after placing them are killing my success score and customer service is not helping.
  13. I have cancellations affecting my gigs that had no effect previously because I went through customer service or the customer bought erroneously and canceled two minutes later. But those gigs specifically have mention of gig cancellation. I can provide any proof you need where necessary. And does requesting a dispute for more time now count as a client conflict? I always thought calling an extension a dispute strange. I teach so my students sometimes have to reschedule lessons and therefore need more time. Please could you rectify the issue with cancellations as This is hitting my gigs hard and it's very odd to be sitting with 5 stars and a 6 success score.
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