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  1. For my problem; It may be caused by the system. Because my impressions were restored 1 hour after I opened this topic. Thank you all very much, dear fiverr members.
  2. Hello, I woke up today and faced this situation. While I normally get 300-400 views, my views suddenly went up to 1k and all my services have received 0 views today, is there a malfunction on the site? PS: I did not buy any ads to highlight my services.
  3. It is a very correct point of view. I wish Fiverr looked out for its sellers as much as it looks out for its customers.
  4. Thank you. He took the order from the package. The package says 1 revision. I'm new here. My guess is that if it says 1 revision, he can only get 1 revision. I guess not. Can he make as many revisions as he wants. Unless he buys it with money.
  5. When I asked my client, he says that he still has the revision rights. However, my package shows 1 revision set. What is the problem? https://www.fiverr.com/mitolojii/record-guitar-solos-and-riffs-for-all-genres
  6. Yes, I started to get work again. After the 15th is my turning point. 🙂
  7. I'm a musician. For 4 months I've been working as a freelancer on Fiverr. When I start a new month, my work decreases by 70%. After the 15th I get almost 5 or 6 times as much work. I'm just wondering, is it like that for you? My thought is that the people I work with get their salaries after the 15th of the month.
  8. I got my last jobs from people who were always late with deliveries. They had urgent work and they found me because I was online. I'm not saying that online people get more engagement, I'm saying that online people have the opportunity to get more work.
  9. Today I got a tip from the buyer. I'm just entering my 3rd month on fiverr. I learned something like this for the first time. Does this have any effect on ranking?
  10. There might be a buyer in a hurry. So the buyer can only look at online sellers.
  11. Hello dear sellers. I started working as a freelancer at Fiverr 1 month ago. I was doing work by bidding from buyer requests. They said that buyer requests will be removed and you will receive a notification about your work. I haven't received any match notifications yet. Am I doing wrong somewhere? I have seven gigs. I don't understand how it doesn't match. I keep the minimum price low. Is there anyone to help?
  12. I did not understand. Everything is open. I even kept the minimum price low, still no match for match. Can someone help ?
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