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Found 10 results

  1. So, this type of seller who is a female singer, her account has been saying this message "Looks Like This Service Is On Hold" but it has become over a year now. I am not sure as to why this is even the case. Seller details: I will write and sing you a wonderful original song Seller name: jarielandlily Seller is a level 2 Seller Link to gig Her voice is lovely and I wanted to ask her regarding her work and maybe to order one of her gigs, but sadly, it has become over a year and not sure what's going on with this seller.
  2. Hello everybody! Help me please in such question — I’ve got One level and suddenly views and clicks of my profile and gigs went down. I have 5 star rating and very good reviews. What’s happened? Thanks for support!
  3. If you use YouTube video in your gig video, will it get copyright?
  4. Hi guys! I am new to this website. I've been paid for my services prior to joining this website, and I'm trying to find out how to make a name for myself here. Does anyone have any tips?
  5. Hi, I really enjoy working with artists. Write what can be improved, rate the track. Here is a link to all my works. 1331892938_BestBeat.mp4
  6. Contest time! We're back with an exciting new music remix/cover contest, this time partnering with Fiverr creators and musicians, Taylor Red. Oh and this time, we've upped the stakes with some awesome prizes: First Place - $1000 for gear with Guitar Center, $700 Fiverr credit, a chance to meet w/ - - Taylor Red on IG Live, Winner Spotlight on Fiverr social pages Second Place - $500 for gear with Guitar Center, $450 Fiverr credit Third Place - $100 for gear with Guitar Center, $250 Fiverr credit What do you have to do to enter? Just take the loop created by Taylor Red, and flip it/cover it however you want! You can either use any part of the sample/stems, or cover the melody/chord progression with your instrument or voice. The winners will be chosen by voting for the finalists on our Instagram. So get creative, make something unique, and win big! Download the sample and enter by clicking here. Fiver Song Taylor Red SAMPLE BANJO.mp3 Fiver Song Taylor Red SAMPLE DRUMS.mp3 Fiver Song Taylor Red SAMPLE GUITAR.mp3 Fiver Song Taylor Red SAMPLE VOCALS.mp3 Fiver Taylor Song (Full).mp3
  7. I Created I New Topic. Lets Discuss About Beats, Music, Songs & Music Producers. Good Luck All!
  8. Just figured that I’d make a fun little poll. Voter names will be private, so don’t worry about that. 🙃
  9. Hey everyone, I'm Ryan. I've been making beats/producing for about 10 years. Worked with everyone from multi-platinum artists to people with only a couple hundred followers. Decided to come to Fiverr to work with new artists and hear some new music! Lets work! 1504163770_FiverrGigLight.mp4
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