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Found 11 results

  1. I am not working on fiverr for 2 years for personal problem. Now i'm available for work.But I'm not getting buyer request. What can i do to get buyer request and get work?
  2. It's not a bad journey at all, right now I'm thinking is it good to depend on only Freelancing? I was doing good actually but suddenly I stop working for a few days I mean I was not active that much & I notice my gig ranking went down & now I'm not getting any new buyer messages. I really don't know what should do right now. Because we are human being so we need some break but if I see everything is gone after break then it really feels bad. If you already facing this kind of problem, how do you deal? I would love to know. Thanks!
  3. The novel coronavirus (COVID-19), a pandemic sweeping the globe, has posed new challenges to society, compelling individuals to evaluate a wide range of habits, from work to leisure to basic travel and daily tasks. Not only has this had an individual impact, but it has also had an economic impact on countries as a whole, bringing a variety of economic sectors to a total halt. While there was much anticipation and several warnings, particularly from those in the public health field, the difficulty remained as a significant transition that necessitated preparation, training, and facilitation. While society made mental preparations, the scope and solution remained unimaginable and remains a major challenge. COVID-19 is a new disease that has been circulating in humans since December of this year.
  4. I've been trying to make money here for almost three years, but I haven't been able to make more than $5,000+ in three years. CS always tells me to use social media, but that doesn't work. I was used to charging $125 per hour... around $1,000 per day, and here I'm making around $50 per month, $600 per year. My maid in Chile made that three times. For personal reasons, I'm stuck here, in the USA.
  5. Seller cannot ask to seller for Work . Because its against Fiverr TOS . Your account could be banned 🚫 . Smap message considered.
  6. What funny moments have happened when working with a customer or a salesperson ?
  7. Thanks to almighty for blessing during COVID positive. Today, I got another rest to know COVID Negative. I want to say especially to @miiila for her advice on how to request my current buyers to extend the orders and support me. I am so happy that my all buyers accepted that, and later I have completed all successfully. Notably, I want to say that please take care of your health first, then work, spend time with your family, friends and maintain a work schedule. Cheers!
  8. I have had now two SEO projects for two different websites. One site is a bi-lingual one and the other only in English. Bot project has been finished on time, however as I checked their work, I found that the work wasn't done properly; wrong language at the wrong place, or keyword wrong used, so not appropriate to the site text, or even nothing filled in. Then I used the button "not ready yet..." explained what wasn't correct, they promise to update, checking again but still not correct. To know that they received a proper pdf with instructions, as well as they told me that they had understand all. After all you get an offended reaction, however telling me before that they will do a good job as their rating is so important... This experience I had was with the cheap offers, the more expensive ones delivered good quality; cheap again is expensive!
  9. What was your first experience of ordering work for you ? 🙂
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