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  1. How did they contact you? I suppose via Fiverr chat. If yes then report to Fiverr immediately. Don't worry they will take of it. Thanks
  2. yes you can in all social media sites. LinkedIn on priority. Thanks
  3. There is definitely huge reduction in impressions and click. Hence less order then expected. However that was expected due to holiday. Thanks, Mo.
  4. contact support. Might be some technical issue. Thanks
  5. Contact support. Sometime they might reply late due to holiday or work load. Thanks
  6. Read and strictly Follow Fiverr rules(TOS). Work on your gig. Because that will see get you work. Observe other gig's in your category and see what they doing right. Don't copy . Take inspiration and make your gig attractive. Offer competitive price. Offer Top notch Customer Service. Go extra miles. Welcome to Fiverr. Best of Luck :)
  7. Will suggest you to contact support. Work on you gig. Check what competitors are doing right. Don't copy take inspiration.
  8. Its forbidden(not legal) in Fiverr. And is of no use. Thanks
  9. I have commented on a similar topic regarding how to get first orders Avoiding re- writing again sharing the link. Please click on the link below
  10. From the above example/ screenshot you shared. $580 is being cleared you still don't have it. The heading itself says future payments. That is the reason it is not showing in the Balance available(withdrawl) or monthly earnings. Once the funds are cleared they will reflect on both. Please follow the link for more information https://help.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/articles/9234443621137-Your-Earnings-page
  11. Also, talk to CS that seems to be low. Sometimes it can be a tech glitch. Or if there is something else they will help you. Thanks
  12. Patience is the key, my friend. Talk to CS. hope for the best. Don't repeat the mistake. And above all don't even think of an easy way out(cheating). Sorry for being direct. Don't run face it. Hope things work out well for you. Thanks :)
  13. I have been in this situation where the client asked for revision without any details. I requested details for a week or two but got no response. As per the TOS, we can't deliver same file. The delivered file after the client asks for revision must contain the requested changes. So I contacted Customer support. And it got resolved. within a few days, he replied and we were on track. :) Don't worry once you deliver(first delivery) it's not late.
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