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  1. Hello Everyone! I am very confused about promoted GIG, sometime it starts, sometime it stops. I have checked my GIGs analytics and its perfect even the GIG statics is also good. The clicks, impressions are also good. I am completing the order on time, getting good feedbacks with 4.9 star ratings still my promoted gig is not working. If anyone can check what's wrong with my Profile or GIG and suggest me what I have to do, that would be great. Thank You!
  2. I became a level one seller then got Promoted gig feature, this continued for two months. After two months promotable feature turned off the gig and my gig rank was lost. Fiverr notifies me "This Gig can not be promoted right now, due to possible quality issues" I want advice from experts(who had this problem) on how to fix my gig quality issues. Thank All.
  3. I'm a level one seller and have got 70 impressions, 1 click and 1 order in 50 days on my new promoted gig option. My order completion rate was 90% and it decreased at 88% for not completing new orders. My organic impression is average 100+ every day. But I'm not getting any order organically or by promoted gig option. How can I set promoted gig option properly?
  4. 1. Fiverr, stop hitting yourself. You allow people to pay their way to the top of the searches. So, on the top is not the most reputable, or highest rated, but the one who spent the most cash. Your buyers will have a lower quality experience, because if the most competent sellers don't pay to promote, then you are not selling your best products. Rich scammers will take over.2. From Fiverr's promoted gig creation panel:"Tip: You'll get the best ad results with a daily budget of at least $50".At least take me to a date before asking for $1500 monthly from me, Jesus Christ.3. I cannot even imagine how it is to start as a new seller here. I remember when I started, I didn't have a single dime to my name, and didn't have a single dime to spare whenever I made a sale. There is no way I could have competed and grown if promoted gigs existed back in 2015.So, everybody is hurting from this, the platform, the buyers and the sellers. I don't understand a single thing here, maybe I'm too idealistic.
  5. I have put my gigs on promotion before my gigs were on top of first page but now sometimes disappers and sometime only on last page why does this happening any suggestion? If i disable the promotion will these go back to old position?
  6. I love promoted gig features on fiverr, I have experienced it, it's work just awesome, I realy like this
  7. How do you think "Promoted Gigs" affect the account? Is it good to have that option or not?
  8. Hello there! I am facing an issue from few hours, my gigs were totally fine and were ranking on first pages and I was also getting orders and my promoted gigs option was also enabled but all of a sudden all of my gigs disappeared from search results not appearing even on last pages, and then after this situation approx. 3 hours later I got the notification that my promoted gigs cannot be promoted anymore. So can anyone guide about this what is the issue here, because I was also getting orders and impressions on all gigs, this thing just happened suddenly, I got no warning nor negative feedback nor cancelled order so what is the solution and why this happened? Kindly guide on this issue so that I can work on it Thank you
  9. i found out that apparently fiverr had promoted gig but i'm not seeing an option for it, i found a link: https://www.fiverr.com/pages/promoted-gigs but it keeps redirecting me to this page: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360017729338-Promoted-Gigs?segment=seller#h_01EYN214K9QHF7A28JA8FR9EPC any idea where to find it? thanks, yours truly Ms.Amsden (I've never posted on a forum before in my life, I don't know how all this works. I feel like an old person discovering the internet for the first time)
  10. Question about promoted gigs. I know how the CPC cap value works, but for the past 1 week I am noticing and without any query the spending keeps on increasing? What could be the reason? Thanks in advance.
  11. What the cheese is "Promoted Gigs"? Does Fiver offer an option to pay them and then they put your gig in front the pack? I sure hope this isn't true for so many reasons. Anyways has anyone used this? and what kind of ROI came from it?
  12. Hello everyone, nice to meet you I am a new player on fiverr. coincidentally yesterday just tried the promote feature provided by fiverr. after I used it a few days, unfortunately there was a problem like the picture I attached (Not promoteable) . I'm quite confused to solve it because I have read the terms for promoted gigs but I still can't find the answer, because everything has entered into the fiverr requirements (such as a minimum review, public rating above 4.7 and others). For that, are there friends here who are willing to provide information regarding this matter to me? I would be very grateful for that
  13. Hello, I am getting good amount of impressions and clicks through promoted gigs feature and also fair impression to click ratio but no one contacted me yet. It's been a while I turned on this feature. I am a Level One Seller and got all 5 star reviews. Could anyone provide me some input regarding my Gig if something is not right? My Gig: https://www.fiverr.com/henscheldayam/compose-original-song-with-vocals-for-you I am aware of the Gig title in the above link not matching with my Gig title. But this happened in the beginning and I couldn't change it. However my services include song production too and so far everything is fine with this. Thank you for your time. Regards, Henschel Dayam
  14. my gig promotion feature has not been working for over a month, i became a level two seller this month, i thought that might probably change things, but i'm not getting impressions or clicks from the promotion again and it seems my actual gig ranking is drastically decreasing no orders since beginning of this month, is something bugging my gig visibility somehow?? any one has the experience before and probably with an advice as to what to do?? 😞
  15. I recently got 20 reviews on one of my gigs. It also has a buyer review of 4.8 stars. I'm also level one seller who meets additional quality metrics, but whenever I click "create my first ad", it redirects me to the article that talks about the requirements etc. Am I missing something here? TIA
  16. Do you know, How can i promote my Fiverr all gigs. Do you have the correct answer, please let me know. Please check the gig: https://www.fiverr.com/share/Z0bW1Q Why not be active for promotion? Thank you! Shahidul
  17. Promoted Gigs ( gig unqualifie and gigs deranked). Is there anyone know any solution ??
  18. Hi everyone, Apologies in advance for the long post! I have had a successful gig for over a year and a half now. For the past year, my gig has been 'promoted' on a permanent basis which helps generate a large proportion of my sales. In september however, something changed within Fiverr and the promoted gig 'algorithm' which means my gig keeps flicking between being eligible for promotion and not being eligible every few days/week or so. Unfortunately, in the last few weeks, it has not been eligible for promotion at all. Initially, I thought this was because i received a large order cancellation (1 $66 order that was cancelled before I even started, due to a buyer error), however since that cancellation in august (4 months ago!), I haven't had any more cancellations. It isn't because of my review score either, because i have had nothing but 5* reviews since august (and have been a 5* rated seller since i began on fiverr back in 2020). I have spoken to fiverr support numerous times since august, but they keep just telling me that promoted gigs is a beta feature and that if i keep up the good work, my gig will become eligible again. As i say, since august I have had nothing but 5* reviews and no cancellations. What more can i do?! Eventually though, I worked out the cause of the problem. My gig seems to become ineligible when buyers DON'T leave me a review at all. This is something that has changed in the fiverr backend because, since I started on Fiverr, I haven't always got reviews from buyers (despite always politely asking). My 'reviewed' rate is at 77% and i'm not sure what else I can do to increase this (like i say, I always ask buyers to leave a review). I don't see why my gig should therefore be 'punished' and be made ineligible because i don't get left reviews? Does anyone else have this issue? I have asked fiverr support to escalate to their dev team however nothing has changed for me yet. Currently it is killing my gig/income because i am reliant on getting a handful of orders from my repeat customers (who also don't always leave reviews) so it is very hard for me to get the gig eligible for promotion again. Please help! Thanks all 🙂
  19. Hi there, Hope everybody is doing well. I haven't been using the gig promoted feature for over 1 month now, I have kept my gig promotion button turned off. But suddenly 3 days ago an order got with promotion level. Then I checked the promotion feature and saw that it is turning off but impressions, clicks and orders are counting and the promotional cost is also counting Fiverr. Before me the daily budget select was $ 10, then I made it $ 1. Even after selecting $ 1, I noticed that my impression click was coming. My question is where my promoted feature is totally turned off, how are the clicks, impressions being done automatically and also the promotional cost being counted? Looking forward to the advice and guidelines of all experts and seniors in this regard. Please help me. Kind Regards Nazmul
  20. Please can someone to make more clear how can as sellers to promote our gigs? Thank you forum members 🙂
  21. Hello Anybody used promoted gig option. Please share your experience on that.
  22. Hye, My 6 gigs ranked but unfortunately i lost my all gigs ranking and also receive notification i unqualified for promoted gig. Give me suggestion how my gig return in rankings.
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