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  1. When you turn on your promoted gigs, you'll see the cost per click, but did you know it can be adjusted? It's always a good idea to bid at the level or higher than what Fiverr recommends. Today I got a $20 order and my ad spend was $0.78. Some of you may be thinking, why should I pay Fiverr to promote my gigs? 1. You have a lot of competition 2. You're investing in your gigs 3. If your gigs are good- you'll get an awesome ROI (Return On Investment) 4. You'll increase your gig rankings which means you'll appear more often on the search results Which gigs should I promote? All of them or your favorites. I would promote them all for a month and see which ones got orders and which ones didn't. How much should I spend? My daily spend limit is $10, but this month, I have only spent $1.27. Other advertising platforms will spend 100% of your spend limit, but Fiverr is different, or maybe it has to do with how many people are searching for your gigs. If you offer X, and everyone is searching Y, I don't think Fiverr is going to promote your X gigs.
  2. Hey Fiverr community, I am a new seller on Fiverr, with 5 years experience in advertising. I wanna apply my knowledge and competences here on Fiverr. And promote my gig. Can someone help me to get orders? My all respect guys. https://www.fiverr.com/share/yjyLa5
  3. Hey sellers community, I am a new seller on Fiverr, with 5 years experience in advertising. I wanna apply my knowledge and competences here on Fiverr. And promote my gig. can someone help me to get orders? My all respect guys. https://www.fiverr.com/share/yjyLa5
  4. Promoted Gigs ( gig unqualifie and gigs deranked). Is there anyone know any solution ??
  5. Hello Everyone, From 16th June, I have come across Promoted Gigs ( Unqualified) Issue. On 16th June 2 Gigs are not qualified for Promotion and as a result all GIGS got deranked till 10th July( after 25 days) when I got the Feature back again. On 10th July I have started to Promote my Gigs again and now again after 20 days ( On 30th July). GIGS became Unqualified for Promotion and all GIGS went to last Pages and some are not even in search. Did anyone Know solution for this or it will keep on happening
  6. Hi everyone, Apologies in advance for the long post! I have had a successful gig for over a year and a half now. For the past year, my gig has been 'promoted' on a permanent basis which helps generate a large proportion of my sales. In september however, something changed within Fiverr and the promoted gig 'algorithm' which means my gig keeps flicking between being eligible for promotion and not being eligible every few days/week or so. Unfortunately, in the last few weeks, it has not been eligible for promotion at all. Initially, I thought this was because i received a large order cancellation (1 $66 order that was cancelled before I even started, due to a buyer error), however since that cancellation in august (4 months ago!), I haven't had any more cancellations. It isn't because of my review score either, because i have had nothing but 5* reviews since august (and have been a 5* rated seller since i began on fiverr back in 2020). I have spoken to fiverr support numerous times since august, but they keep just telling me that promoted gigs is a beta feature and that if i keep up the good work, my gig will become eligible again. As i say, since august I have had nothing but 5* reviews and no cancellations. What more can i do?! Eventually though, I worked out the cause of the problem. My gig seems to become ineligible when buyers DON'T leave me a review at all. This is something that has changed in the fiverr backend because, since I started on Fiverr, I haven't always got reviews from buyers (despite always politely asking). My 'reviewed' rate is at 77% and i'm not sure what else I can do to increase this (like i say, I always ask buyers to leave a review). I don't see why my gig should therefore be 'punished' and be made ineligible because i don't get left reviews? Does anyone else have this issue? I have asked fiverr support to escalate to their dev team however nothing has changed for me yet. Currently it is killing my gig/income because i am reliant on getting a handful of orders from my repeat customers (who also don't always leave reviews) so it is very hard for me to get the gig eligible for promotion again. Please help! Thanks all 🙂
  7. Why CPC rate is too high for my few Gigs? On what basis is it determined? How can I reduce the CPC rate of my Gigs? Thanks in advance.
  8. Tips for promoting gigs using Promoted Gigs feature on Fiverr First of all congratulations to all wonderful people who got this feature today as it's Fiverr's policy to give this feature to all Level Two sellers on their gigs with 30+ reviews. I am using this feature from last 3 month and results are pretty satisfying. Here are some suggestions for you people to understand the process of bidding. Claim the $10 credit given to you by fiverr and use it wisely rather than just throwing it away while considering it as Free. The CPC (cost per click) mostly varies and depends upon the category in which you are working in. It usually stay between (0.25 ~0.7) but mostly it keeps fluctuating around 0.35 cents After turning on this feature, it's your choice how you play with it. You can set a daily spend limit of $2 ,$5 and $10 respectively but also can set a custom limit. High daily spend limit is recommended. As you know in promoted gigs feature, you will be charged only whenever someone will click on your gig. Always bid 20 to 30 cents higher than your CPC to reach above your competitors (I tried this method and it worked) If you are planning to just spend $10 credit by fiverr then bid lower one day and higher the next day to manage the budget but if you want to spend some more budget on it then always keep your bid higher than CPC. It will be rewarding Hopefully. Pro Tip: Always sustain your clients instead of hunting down a new one every now and then. Cheers!
  9. Hi there, Hope everybody is doing well. I haven't been using the gig promoted feature for over 1 month now, I have kept my gig promotion button turned off. But suddenly 3 days ago an order got with promotion level. Then I checked the promotion feature and saw that it is turning off but impressions, clicks and orders are counting and the promotional cost is also counting Fiverr. Before me the daily budget select was $ 10, then I made it $ 1. Even after selecting $ 1, I noticed that my impression click was coming. My question is where my promoted feature is totally turned off, how are the clicks, impressions being done automatically and also the promotional cost being counted? Looking forward to the advice and guidelines of all experts and seniors in this regard. Please help me. Kind Regards Nazmul
  10. What will be the best way for promoting by gigs on Fiverr and get more attraction buyers ?
  11. Please can someone to make more clear how can as sellers to promote our gigs? Thank you forum members 🙂
  12. Hello Anybody used promoted gig option. Please share your experience on that.
  13. Hye, My 6 gigs ranked but unfortunately i lost my all gigs ranking and also receive notification i unqualified for promoted gig. Give me suggestion how my gig return in rankings.
  14. Hello all,My promoted gig features was turn off 4 months ago and i just received notification, It's Enabled now.I don't know, this feature will enable for how much time. If anyone have any ideas, please share. Check out my PROFILE and GIG ! Thanks in Advance!
  15. Hello Everyone! I am very confused about promoted GIG, sometime it starts, sometime it stops. I have checked my GIGs analytics and its perfect even the GIG statics is also good. The clicks, impressions are also good. I am completing the order on time, getting good feedbacks with 4.9 star ratings still my promoted gig is not working. If anyone can check what's wrong with my Profile or GIG and suggest me what I have to do, that would be great. Thank You!
  16. I wan to change my gig image and pricing etc. Just wondering if doing that will get it removed from promoted category?
  17. Hi dear senior sellers, I've been in fiverr for more than 2 years. Achieved a lot of stuffs in my career which weren't possible except fiverr. As we all know that, fiverr constantly change it's algorithm to give the best user experience & I really appreciate this. If you already read the topic about fiverr 3.0 by frank_d then you know that "Ranking is no more". Let's jump to the point- Due to some personal reason, last month my performance was down & I've been demoted to a level 1 seller. And I've to be stay as a level 1 seller for 120 days to get promoted to level 2 again. After the level demotion all of my gigs thrown back from their organic search ranking. I tried updating my gig title, description, pricing, timeline etc & found nothing helpful. Promoting 1 of my gig for more than 1 month- got 49 clicks but no orders. In the past i used to get 1 order for 22 clicks in average (Check the attachment). In this case do you think that promoted gig feature worth a sellers investments? So, here i'm considering this- as an affect of my level demotion for both my organic & promoted gig rankings. I just want my sales back! Can anyone help me? I know gig positions aren't guaranteed, it depends on various matrics. What should i do to get my sales back? Should i update my gig again & again? (I'm trying to improve my professional skills) Should i lower my gig pricing with smaller packages? Is there any benefits of pricing gigs according to average selling price to rank higher in search? Let's say my average selling price- Gigs ($110) / Custom Offers ($76). What price range should i set for my gig packages? I look forward to hearing from you experts! Thanks in advance, Nasim
  18. Since I use promoted gigs feature, I noticed that I increased my order cancellation rate. Customers ask amazing things, it looks like impulsive order. I just lost my lvl 2 rank because of it. Finally, it's very weird, I pay to promote my gigs and in return I lose ranks and downgrade in search results. It seems to be not profitable at all. Maybe you should add a pre order feature.
  19. What did you find most interesting or helpful about the promoted gigs webinar? For me the fact that they are considering integration with Google and Facebook at some point.
  20. I have been invited to use "Promoted Gigs". What should i do before use it? what would the advice to use it ? what could be the positive and negative screen or side of it? Need possible advice!
  21. My Gig has been first page but gig impression and click very low. Here is my gig: https://www.fiverr.com/share/EEAP8e
  22. Let me know if there's something you can do to be chosen for that. I have some money ready on my account to be spent on that but i don't have the option available for it.
  23. hi all, I am a level two seller and have promoted gigs option for my gigs. One gig promoted gig feature was working fine initially but than it has been decreasing its results from last 2-3 monthS and the other gig feature is not workig at all. kindly suggest me what improvements should i maDe to get rid of this issue. will be waiting to hear from you. Thanks
  24. please give some tip for getting first order in fiverr and how to promote fiverr gig for a beginner...
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