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  1. @vickieito Hi Thanks for replying. I was about to do that didn't any option like that. I have noticed that checkbox previously and it only appears when the support replies to your queries. In my case, they didn't even reply, so the check box didn't appear. Please help me find a solution.
  2. @donnovan86About free stock images, I talked with support who suggested me not to use free stock images for safety. They're extremely sensitive about copyright stuff and can get your profile banned for minor issues. Hence I was worried about DALL E or ai generated images. Now as @melanielm mentioned, I may have to stop using Ai too.
  3. I'm a writer. However, I need to use a lot of images to help readers understand a particular topic. Can I generate images with DAL E or Midjourney AI and insert them in my Word Doc file before submission? Does Fiverr allow this? Thank you.
  4. I have contacted the support over some issues. Sadly, they didn't respond, I however found the answer from Fiverr community. Now, how do I close the ticket? I have already added three messages under the same ticket. I want to close that ticket and contact the support for new queries, what should I do? Should I create a new ticket telling them to close my previous ticket? Please help me out.
  5. I Have Never Been Able to Upload a Single File in the Delivery Menu or on My Inbox Using My Android Smartphone. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE. We Can't be 'Freelancers' If We Can't Even Submit Our Orders Using Smartphones.
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