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  1. ya brother thank you so much
  2. Thank you brother, al the best to you too❤️
  3. Thank you so much for the valuable information sir
  4. Thank for your valuable information
  5. i am a new seller , I send requests of 5-6 buyers daily, I have been waiting online for a long time, but I have not even got an order yet so I am very upset, can anyone comfort me? It is very difficult to get orders as new sellers on Fiverr😔
  6. same problem bro but i am new seller i think fiverr gives few buyers request for new sellers
  7. change the hashtags brother and if you can change tittle than that also good
  8. you can delete you gig any time and you can create new gig any time brother, there is no issues bro
  9. me also did not get any order 😔
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