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  1. you should chose a niche where competitor has low in comparatively You should hve more skilled about your niche. You hve to more research about your gig. Your gig must be unique to others and attractively. tags are should be related to your nihe active in fiverr arround 18 hours and the most important think is be patience, never loss your patience......... Thank you
  2. when you send offer you must follow these instruction These are 1. what are the buyer needs? you should notice properly at the job description and send offer as their need 2. describe your service. you should knowing them what service do you provide 3. never send offer where is already 20+ offer send 4. always take middle range your budget 5. never copy paste follow these instructions I hope you will get offer Thank you
  3. notice carefully at job description and then send offer them as their want and also included that what service do you serve them. I hope you will get order.... Thank you
  4. your logic is strong I agree with you that new seller always try how could get a satisfaction from a buyer, so they always respect their buyers. I am a new seller, I always try to get a satisfaction from their and I got their satisfaction.
  5. active is the most important part in fiverr. You should need almost stay in fiverr around 18th hours. Refresh this page every 9 mutinies. And the other thing is when you send offer then read the job description very carefully and dont send those offer where is 20+ offers are already included. dont hve lengthy conversation with buyer. You should finish discussion with your buyer within 4 conversations. I hope you will benefit from these instructions Thank You
  6. Update your skill update your gig quality update your description I hope you will get a good result
  7. skill must be as your niche tags are related as your skill try to as active in fiverr as possible Reload the fiber for 9 consecutive minutes I hope you will get a possessive result
  8. There is no set time but most requests come between 9pm and 3pm. Try to active 18 hrs. Thank you.
  9. You should keep a strong tag in the gig Update your skill as your niche. gig image should be touchy and attractive
  10. You can create a design by using canva for a gig image. For describing you should follow as your niche. You should describe your services, why buyer choose you, whats your tool that you are using. Follow these instructions I hope you will gain....... Thank You
  11. I think you have misspelling in this sentence so that it has denied
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