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  1. Unfortunately I'm not a best writer 😅 But I will try to change my description a bit, thank you for your suggestion!! 😊 And thank you for your message as a whole 🥰
  2. I did think about increasing the prices, but I was thinking that it's actually gonna be worse for me at least at the beginning since more expensive gigs = less ppl interested. Though I might be wrong about it 🤔 I didn't know about Buyer's Request so thank you for mentioning it! I did took a look in there but there is nothing that would work nicely with my drawing style. BUT! I'm gonna keep an eye on it so thank you! 🥰
  3. Hi, thank you for your message! 🙂 Actually, while posting this topic I got a new request! So I'm supper happy about it 🙂 The sad part is that I haven't realized that Fiverr takes 20% of my income 😅 As a new seller I set my prices low but after gaining some popularity I might change them a bit. Unless I'll become super fast at drawing 😆 Anyway, thank you for your response and kind words!! 🥰
  4. I'm happy for you ❤️ Wish I found fiver sooner... I'm basically living on debt right now.... Struggling to find a job... Hopefully I will get some nice orders here 🙂
  5. it's not so bad. I live in Poland. But I struggle with getting a job. I'm so happy that I found Fiver, just wish it happened much sooner....
  6. I'm an art seller by myself so I can tell you one thing about other art sellers. Take a look at the previous orders! Not just what they showcase, but arts that was created for customers. From what I've seen there's a lot of artists that show pretty arts that they created for them-self, but somehow arts for customers are less attractive and just not as good. All arts created thru order have fiver watermark on them 🙂 (Sorry for my poor english)
  7. That's very useful, I will use it as well! Thank you! ❤️
  8. Hello everyone! 🥰 Thank you for having me here! I'm a digital artist who struggling to gain customers here on fiver. But I'm doing my best and not giving up! 2020 wasn't really kind for me and so far 2021 isn't much better. But! I optimistic so 'You can't have a RAINBOW, without a little RAIN', right? 😄 Anyway. As you can see below I'm a digital artist. I already had my first two orders (i was lucky on reddit) and so I'm happy to present them to you! Wish I could show you the reference photos 'cause I'm pretty proud of how similar those portraits are 😄
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