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How to make my gig stand out?


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He everyone! 

After a year-long break I'm trying fiverr once again. I have two ongoing gigs, and I will add more soon.
The question is - how do I get my gigs to stand out in the crowd? 🙃

I have no clients and it's kinda discouraging. I'm in between jobs and so having some additional income would be great help...
Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Should I change my description? Should I make my gig cheaper? 

I would be grateful if you could take a look at MY GIG and give suggestions on how to improve it :C 

Please help ❤️ 

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6 hours ago, meg_sowka said:

Now that's the tip I've been waiting for! 😂 Thanks a bunch

You're welcome! 😛 

6 hours ago, meg_sowka said:

but I don't have any 😱 gotta invest some coins~~ 💸💸💸

Stilts are a great investment. It will raise you above the competition.

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