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  1. That's a headless post, from which side you think its a pro tip?? You should learn the basics first in terms of understanding someones sentences
  2. Really! its wonder, how can someone be a successful freelancer within just 30 days? false interpretation doesn't lead you to go anywhere else, rather focus on the learning & try to put some genuine process that can really help others.
  3. Absolutely I also deal with buyer who seems to care about the value and time, and for them price doesn't matter. Being a seller on fiverr there should be a convenience conversation between buyers and us. If buyers are asking more and more questions and want to learn how to solve their problem then they would be the best fit to work with. some buyers come and say I wanna see your portfolio then go vanish without sharing any problems and asking any questions.
  4. How can you ensure a bad gig ? could you please elaborate a little bit
  5. I think this will go trash in forum which not create any value, try give some value and insights.
  6. You shouldn't delete your gig rather you can create a gig niche based, first of all do research and know well what skill you have right now which at least you can compete with others, Give yourself a one month time to learn more about your services and then work on the specific niche which target specific audience with specific platform based solutions. Starts with small, don't dive into a big pond at the very initial stage. Follow the below steps, 1> Find out platform ( which you have a skill) 2> Identify your prospect criteria ( who they are, whats their job, their problem) 3> Then mention your prospect title & your service name in your gig title (be specific) 4> Use relevant tags in a gig 5> Use clean image or video 6> Then wait for the order Just simply follow and wait it may take more than a weeks or a few months to get order. keep patience & continue learning
  7. congratulations, on your TRS badge, wish you a good luck ahead
  8. Ranking is not an ultimate priority rather work on the client satisfaction and your overall performance working with buyers. There are some myths on the forum spreading vigorously (like, fiverr ranking & stay active 24/7). First thing about the priority based on the fiverr algorithm, all other options are secondary. You need to measure metrics in order get rise up your talent & get found in front of potential buyers- 1) Focus on the happy buyer satisfaction (buyers no dosen't matter) 2) Less no of revisions during the project 3) your performance rate 4) Avoid gig order delivery within 24 hours 5) Maintain a good ratings
  9. work on your skill and keep patience,
  10. Seems its been 6 months since you joined on Fiverr. Keep patience to get orders and As you mentioned you have published 7 gigs, I suggest you don't go with that. If you're just starting out, follow the basic rules, 1> Create only 3 gigs or less than that. 2> Gig should be comply with the specific niche category which mentioned the target audience & service you provide 3> Optimize the gigs descriptions accordingly in a time of interval (*don't edit in a regular basis, at least wait for 1 week or 2 week) 4> Check your gig analytics 5> AFTER getting order from your niche gig then you can move on different category gigs *and most importantly, if choosing a niche category you need to do research a lot or apply niche which you know better. "For BUYER REQUESTS" You need to send proposal to the buyer which you know better & feels like you can do it. Find Your USP and make different yourself from others. mention what you can do to solve buyers issues related to your service. To be the best version of yourself, keep exploring new ideas, new niche category & problems of customers they are facing. Follow the consistent process not the idea and goals, not saying that forge about the ideas but keep that in mind and work on the process which help you to get a client who need your solution. FOLLOW PROCESS IN A CONSISTENT MANNER AND WORK ON ONE SKILL AT A TIME, ONE NICHE AT A TIME.
  11. You need to calculate the time require & give it a small milestones to complete your project work according to that, you should do work
  12. Cool man! The thing is that, If you're using Fiverr platform that has some rules and regulations, based on that if a "buyer or seller" ask about any "irrelevant words" which might affect your profile then that message should be flagged by you immediately and connect with support team to ask if you're allowed or not to talk this type of marketing conversation. There is nothing wrong that you're a marketer and its your duty to help others and give them tips & solutions to grow. but while its come to any platform which you're using for your earning source then you may need to take some steps before typing any competitive word by yourself. and That's not only for you, its about all of us who are using this platform. Thanks
  13. Fiverr has deducted 20% from your total earning, that's why you got this
  14. Fiverr is a marketplace where buyers and sellers connect together and discuss about the "business problems" end-up to the solutions. You can't talk about the platform which is in a same industry & providing same services in the market. Fiverr has give you the platform to work with buyers ultimately convert them into a client. so that you can earn some bucks. Seems like, you're sitting in a Dominos, and asking them for a "PizzaHUt" Pizzas. Its bit confuse them. I would suggest Keep away from this type of conversation & focusing on services could benefit you more to get connect with some potential buyers. Also I appreciate you have shared the story here so that new coming freelancers know this thread & get over from it.
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