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I am 100% positive, I will get orders from fiverr.


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I have Fiverr account from last 9 months, but only get one order in which my profit margin was Non-existent. 

As Guest post service provider, I have a list of 240+ websites for guest post. 

I am 100% positive that I will get orders.

" Despair is disbelief "

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On 10/4/2023 at 2:03 AM, amzvideopro said:

Of course, Fiverr success will come if you are diligent and patient and you must have good work skills and communication skills to get orders on Fiverr.

I agree, I didn't get any order for months and suddenly got like 6 orders. It's been a week since I didn't get any but I know I'll get it soon. 

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