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  1. I have been working outside the marketplace for almost 3 years and I am sharing that expriance but i am new one fiverr community
  2. Answer all their queries, Communicatat to your customer that you are always approachable and they can contact you verry easily for small or large questions..... Go out of the way.... Surprise them..... keep your promise.... Be spontaneous.... Treat them as thanks for read i am new seller on fiverr
  3. Alright, My service social media management
  4. Yeah ofcrose thanks for your best recommending i am trying also
  5. I didn't get any order because it didn't take long for Arma's gig upload and fiverr gig rank took time. And I advise myself a lot
  6. I will trying to create on unique gig and image, and i trying unique Title, description, keywords, and good service giving try
  7. Am trying to applying on my gig, but I have not got the result yet but I am trying
  8. I am trying to work according to my list but it is very difficult to achieve success
  9. I created an account four months ago but I could not give more than 110 days due to my personal problem. Now my problem is solved. I have been trying for a few days.
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