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  1. yes i just confirmed that they are charging you 29 dollars per month
  2. might be the buyer was a scammer and Fiverr had blocked that
  3. is there any charges to join this all?
  4. same here may we all get success with the blessings of Allah Almighty
  5. sure i can help you visit this link and you will get some helpful and solid tips for sure
  6. keep sending buyer request and send them professionally you will get response
  7. Just click the links in the original post. thanks i didn’t noticed that
  8. wait for the final decision from fiverr the thing you can do is just wait
  9. any one who can guide how Metigy works?
  10. Think so you have done some violation in gig material check your mail inbox might fiverr have sent you details there
  11. sounds good will wait for the new version of platform
  12. Welcome to fiverr hope so you will get orders soon have a good day
  13. As far as i know use payonerr to Jazcash and you will find it the best method among all fast and convinient method
  14. Hi Sad to hear about your bad experience with the seller you hired for your work You can cancel the order by yourself dont go for a mutual order cancellation also you can ask the Customer Support to cancel the order and they will respond in few minutes as i know Fiverr supports Buyer the most they also support seller but preference’s given to Buyer
  15. i dont think so fiverr dont allow to share dribble link
  16. i didnt get what you are trying to say
  17. i am level one seller and its more then 1 month i have no new order but still waiting for it patience is the key
  18. i would suggest you to wait until the order gets complete and if after order completion buyer says i am going to CS for this and that let him go and you also talk with CS about this matter hope so they will help you
  19. as i already said wait for it and hope for the best 🙂
  20. I don’t think so fiverr will block any seller/buyer without any solid reason but as you are saying you haven’t violated any rule so i would suggest you to wait might this issue will get resolved
  21. no, the buyer will not be able to visit your Fiverr profile anymore if you block him
  22. following for more tips and suggestions
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