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  1. I am watching two same buyer request last 2 days. Today 9 august but the buyer request show 7 august. Is this a byg?
  2. It’s wrong way. Email, phone number and any other contact information share can causes disable your fiverr account.
  3. As a new seller you can add 7 gig.
  4. 1. Improve your skills 2. Create more gig 3. Active online 4. Reply buyer message fast 5. Sent buyer request
  5. Follow the rules 1. Attractive gig image 2. Attractive gig description 3. Reasonable price Can increase your sell.
  6. I contact fiverr customare support, they tell me don’t use this types of extensions.
  7. You should stay online at your buyer country working houres.
  8. I asked this question but didn’t get answer.
  9. Go to profile then you see tests taken in the left side.
  10. You should contact fiverr support.
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