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  1. If you think perfect, then proceed to deliver. However you can not miss the deadline. After 3 days of your delivery, if buyer doesn't reply, it will automatically selected as approved.
  2. What is the perfect Gig image size in pixel?
  3. Remember the word necessary from the above. Will leave this with you. Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions. Another issue, Buyer already has shared their website to contact. Will it cause any bad effect to me?
  4. It means, if buyer place the order, then we can share personal contact information, for sure?
  5. How can set up an interview with the buyer while it is mandatory to get a virtual assistant job. The buyer has shared his website to contact him. Is it legal here? How I should proceed? Please expert’s help needed.
  6. As my senior in the marketplace, can you check my gigs that needs improvement. If Fiverr TOS is ok then please.
  7. Dear mate, I am not expert but i want to suggest because I was also in your situation. Not for 30 days, 4 months literally. Try your buyer request, give an eye catchy offer. Hope you will get some. I got my first order after sending 240 offers to different buyer request. Not necessarily for you take so long. Who knows…
  8. But i found somewhere ‘imagination’ told being active and remain online from mobile app are not the same
  9. A face off? This isn’t primary school where disagreements are solved with fisticuffs and name calling. One can freely read whichever posts they want and heed whatever insight and advice they’d prefer to believe and practice. So let me hear your reply for main question from you.
  10. Got many important information from the experienced. But still not clear about the difference between remaining ‘Active’ and remaining ‘Online’.
  11. you are a higher level seller. Client will search for you. But why they search a newbie if he is not online?
  12. So i think you two should a face off
  13. So, what is the difference between remaining online and remaining active on Fiverr.
  14. I see. However i tried it a lot times, but things did not go easy.
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