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  1. Welcome to this community… for the new seller I can give some below tips 1.gig image should be attractive 2.Do Image SEO 3.Push your targeted keyword at least 4times in your gig description 4.Share your gig on all social-media like fb,insta gram,linkedin,twitter,pinterest.slideshare etc… 5. active at least 7 hours on fiverr forum then keep waiting …insha-allah your first order will come very soon
  2. I think an Ideal gig image size should be 1000*1076
  3. @sulaimankabir bro Manus re R ki tips dimu Ami nijei to kaj paitesi nah 😉
  4. @sulaimankabir you are my boss. please give us some tips so that, we can get an order as soon as possible.
  5. please do marketing in your gigs
  6. won’t be any problem. You can login your account from multiple cities.
  7. Welcome to this community. as a newbie you can follow the below tips 🙂 create attractive gig images 2.do images SEO 3.take low competition keywords for title and description 4.push your researched low competition keywords at least 4 times in description.share your gigs on some social media like (fb,twitter,instagram,pinterest,linkedin etc.)be active on the Fiverr forum
  8. I don’t get this type message yet. I think they are fraud. every fiverr stuff had their green badges
  9. hello am_hasanat .welcome to this community
  10. 1600* 1076 pixel it’s the perfect image size
  11. I got 8.5 in Fiverr English test. Virtual Assistant 7.5 & Wordpress 6.5
  12. Do image SEO, and try to push your targeted keyword 3 or 4 time in description.
  13. first of all you have to create 7 gigs,then you have to check buyer request option in every 5 minutes
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