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  1. Yes, upwork provide certificate but i only work on fiverr. Well, i should contact support.
  2. Thank you for your suggestion. But its required to provide a document / letter from company.
  3. Hello Everyone, I am a full time freelancer. I am applying for abroad and for that I need a certificate for reference. Do fiverr provide such kind of certificate or experience letter? How can i apply for that? Should i contact support for that? Kindly guide me regarding this. I need it asap. Thank you
  4. I have 30 impressions for my promoted gig, 0 clicks. Will there be any deduction from my balance?
  5. In last 24 hours just 5 impression on my promoted gig 😦
  6. I am not awarded with $10. Is it given to some selected sellers? One of my gig is selected for promotion.
  7. Then how gig promotion is working. I mean how they will keep it at top? Like if someone will search with a whole title? Search tags are not working. I couldn’t see any changes in my stats. Everything is on 0 for promoted gig. I searched with one of my key word and found all seller level 2 on first page. Which don’t usually happen.
  8. Yes, i also got a selected gig which was eligible for promotion. May be only some categories are included in this. You couldn’t promote any of your gig?
  9. Yes sure, I will share my experience. How well it went. I have started with low price to check if it brings some business to me. Its been 3-4 hours but stats are at zero for promoted gig. I think it will take some time to get started.
  10. Hello, Today i got an invitation for promoted gigs. I have started to promote my top rated gig. Its my first gig ad and i am too excited. Last 2 months have been real hard for me as my order rate was almost 0. But now i see a little hope to get back to track. I am not much familiar how it works. I mean there will be other sellers too promoting their gig ad then how i would stay at top to get attention. Anyhow, lets wish me good luck guys 🙂 May be i could get 2-3 orders in this week.
  11. You are right. Cheap buyers don’t want to pay more. I didn’t raise price of gigs too much. I did a slight change in services and its rates. Because last time i discussed my problem on this forum and everyone suggested me to increase the price as low price attracts scammer too. I don’t know what could be helpful to get a potential buyer.
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