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  1. It’s a great opportunity! I’m also interested. 🙂
  2. OK. I will follow your instruction. 🙂
  3. WRONG. Do NOT message buyers outside of their request! They are NOT your clients. This can get you flagged for unwanted spam and possibly banned! Thanks again for replying. I have no intention to message buyers outside of their request. I have to see how much renowned they are on Fiverr. Also to know what do other sellers think about them.
  4. @imagination7413 thank you so much for your kind cooperation. I’m a new seller. When I get “Buyer Request’s” with username in my Fiverr App I have to check their profile’s for more queries. That’s why I need the feature.
  5. @shahedulefty I’m facing the problem since the day before yesterday. I have tried more than 3/4 times but that didn’t work.
  6. While I’m putting a username of a Client/Seller after Fiverr URL (Example. www.fiverr.com/username), it doesn’t show the Client/Seller’s profile! I don’t understand. So far I know, some days ago it has worked properly. 🙁
  7. @anuwar02 Ok thank you for sharing your opinion.
  8. There is nothing to worry about this matter. It’s just a BUG.
  9. @b2b_finder I thought that this only happened to me. Thanks. 🙂
  10. @basicolors now I am sure about this…thanks. 🙂
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