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  1. I’ve been told eventually they plan to add “Custom Offer” Style subscriptions–so us VO sellers may have to wait for that to have it work properly with our unique gig pricing style. it would work I assume as a Max Word count per month recurring subscription, so buyers could order a 5000 word count subscription with whatever extra, like commercial license…then send you scripts throughout the month until they hit that Max. Then you mark the order as complete… BUT you wouldn’t get paid until the delivery is accepted by the buyer. So remember that if you have a need for fast $$$.
  2. Also in addition to above advice–I think a screenshot of the conversation with the username and contact info included is against the forum rules. I’d black out the sensitive content if you really want to include a screenshot, or just remove it at this point. You may get tagged as breaking some rules otherwise. 😉
  3. They do it every few months, always without notifications. I think it was forbidden a while ago. I think it used to be fine if the sellers weren’t offering voice-overs themselves, but those things keep changing. It was even mentioned on the forum that it’s no longer allowed to offer any kind of help with other sellers’ gigs. I’m not sure there’s an official clarification somewhere, though. Really? Even in just an advice capacity? Isn’t that the majority of what people ask about on the forum?
  4. I just discovered a new territory I didn’t know existed thanks to Fiverr! I got an order from the “Cocos (keeling) islands” an Australian external territory. Gotta say, the first thing I did after responding to the order, was look up where the heck it was. Thanks Fiverr, for helping me expand my geographic- and nation-related knowledge! 👍
  5. Often times, buyers leave this blank, or just type a " - " The fields don’t check to make sure actual instructions are filled, so that’s why we want a seller confirmation option, since buyers tend to just be lazy and not follow gig requirement instructions…
  6. Hi there! I just happened to look at the “Community standards” link now on the fiverr homepage Community Standards And I was wondering about a few of these “Do Nots”…like testimonials: I do voiceover and often I get scripts for reading an actual testimonial for a company, that was submitted to them by a real person—they just want a pro recording of it for their website…is that against regulations now? Also, there’s a section banning “Have someone represent you in your gig”…I also have done in the past, orders for other sellers where I do the voiceover for their gig video–again, is that now not allowed? I’m just a little put off by some of these restrictions. Some, to be honest, are obvious and very much appreciated…but these two? I’m scared that I’ll unwittingly violate community standards with such a gray area of Dos and Don’ts. ON A SIDE NOTE: February 2020, Fiverr updated their Terms of Service page. Again. Without notifying any of the users. Please inform the sellers and buyers when you update the Terms of Service so that we can review the changes and make sure we communicate the latest version in circumstances that call for them. It seems obvious, but apparently I have to request that Fiverr does this.
  7. Has anyone invested their Fiverr earnings in actual Fiverr stock? I use Robinhood to trade just a bit and I’m eyeing a new investment I Fiverr lol. I guess technically I would then have a say (albeit a very minuscule one) in Fiverr’s business operations?..just kidding. But seriously, does anyone else reinvest their earnings? If so, have you benefited from doing so? And what platform do you prefer if you do?
  8. I don’t want to get into an ethics argument, but I do have a solution for you @audioboon. Zip the file attachment. Fiverr won’t put it into the live portfolio if it’s not viewable as a preview. Worked for me in the past.
  9. This has been brought up a few times, so a little redundant, but always good to add your voice to the request for a Seller Approval button prior to order start.
  10. Happening again now…and right when I’m uploading deliveries… :roll_eyes:
  11. No surprise here (since I offer Voiceover services with an American accent) that it’s USA, followed by Canada, and I think India is next. I do think that some of my clients claim to by from the USA, but may not actually be in reality…that’s just based on questionable grammar and suspicious use of terms like “Dear” in their messages. Does Fiverr actually vet the buyers at all when they say they’re from a certain country? I highly doubt they’d bother.
  12. @kha1ed that’s not necessarily true, a lot of buyers realize that depending on script length, 2 days is to be expected, especially with the high volume of sales we manage here on fiverr. It may deter some people in a hurry, but as I mention on my FAQs: https://youtu.be/0adGTsKLxBw I do agree with the intro on the video though, that definitely gives people more trust that you are who you say you are.
  13. You get spam from VAs??? I’m so sorry on behalf of all the other serious VAs on Fiverr. I guess some sellers don’t realize this isn’t Voices.com/Voice123 where the talent is expected to bid for the jobs. Seriously, if you’re a voice actor here on fiverr– please remember that your portfolio/gig/talent and customer service are your calling card, and we’re lucky enough to have clients come to us if they like what we advertise. Spamming people for unsolicited work is just as annoying as that person stopping you in the parking lot trying to offer to fix a “problem” on your car for cash on the spot. Why would you ever trust that person? @deanbrightman I’d be happy to chat with you about some of the lessons I’ve learned in the VO category and I agree with @frank_d on the advice he gave and I can expand on that a bit if you’d like to discuss this in PMs.
  14. This is pretty much how I do all my editing…but while recording I of course use proper posture since you can’t project hunched over or slouching…LOL. working700×546 105 KB
  15. There is often an issue with a reverse-charge that the buyer initiates through their payment provider. It looks like it’s done by Customer Support the way it shows up on your alerts, but often it’s just an automated system. I believe the advice on your other thread mentions it, but just ask CS why the cancellation, and they’ll be able to tell you. If it’s a reverse-charge, that’s a violation of TOS on the buyer’s side, so they’ll likely get banned. (I do wish they changed the notification to an alert that it was a reverse-charge instead of customer support, so that it didn’t scare us sellers so badly) If it wasn’t a reverse charge, they’ll still be able to let you know the issue.
  16. Not if the info isn’t in the .csv. If the extra info is shown in the “orders” page (the completed tab - I think it is) you could look through there and select “more” until it showed all for the year. That would save selecting each separate order to view each separate order in it’s own page. Maybe copy and pasting the text from that page (the “orders” page, with the “completed” tab) into a text file and then processing it with something (if a spreadsheet can’t maybe something else like a programming language eg. Python maybe) could allow you to auto-calc the average extras amount paid. After lots of extending the webpage, and copying the text, we can definitely say it was a success! I was able to use the “find” function in Word after pasting the text, and could single out enough of each extra to calculate it’s occurrence. Not pretty, but it did work. Thanks so much for the idea! You saved me a lot of headache. Merry Christmas!!!
  17. Not if the info isn’t in the .csv. If the extra info is shown in the “orders” page (the completed tab - I think it is) you could look through there and select “more” until it showed all for the year. That would save selecting each separate order to view each separate order in it’s own page. Maybe copy and pasting the text from that page (the “orders” page, with the “completed” tab) into a text file and then processing it with something (if a spreadsheet can’t maybe something else like a programming language eg. Python maybe) could allow you to auto-calc the average extras amount paid. Great thought! I’ll give that a try. I don’t think it will work on some of my custom offers, but hopefully it will be less involved than clicking on each order for the last 12 months :thinking: I did mention it to CS, and they said it would be brought up as a potential feature in the future. Fingers crossed.
  18. Hi all! I’m doing a business projection for next year based on this year’s numbers, and after downloading the CSV spreadsheet, I ran into a weird issue. The Spreadsheet doesn’t show a breakdown of each order by gig, then the extras and amount paid for each item…it just shows the total earnings on each order and if I received tips. Is there a way to calculate how much I average per each gig extra I offer without going through each individual order for the past 12 months??? I really hope so, because just imagining that painstaking process is making me go cross-eyed. 😵 Any help/advice would be appreciated! And Happy Holidays everyone!
  19. “Please respect our members privacy by not contacting them with offers, questions, suggestions or anything which is not directly related to their Gigs or orders.” The above is listed under Violations in the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page. Perfect! I was pretty sure I thought it was listed somewhere, but I couldn’t find in when I reviewed the TOS yesterday. Thanks for the help!
  20. Not a direct reference, but it falls under this part: “To prevent any misuse of our Feedback system, all feedback reviews must come from legitimate sales executed exclusively through the Fiverr platform from users within our Community. Purchases arranged, determined to artificially enhance Seller ratings, or to abuse the Fiverr platform with purchases from additional accounts, will result in a permanent suspension of all related accounts.” I may have misrepresented the buyer’s intent. There was no request for an order in exchange for a review or anything. It was sort of just a “hey, since I’m ordering from you, how about you order one of my gigs? I’m new, etc…” No actual review or rating “hostage taking” was mentioned. Just a request for me to order from them that I hadn’t solicited. So I guess the real question is …Are unsolicited advertisements of your own gig via the inbox permitted? Or is that considered spamming and against TOS?
  21. I recently got a very polite, but misdirected request to “exchange” a gig order for another seller’s gig. (They had ordered from me and asked that I return the favor, after the fact…) I told them no politely, and said I was pretty sure that was against TOS, but now having reviewed the latest TOS agreement…I couldn’t find any direct reference to soliciting your own gig via inbox to other sellers. Anyone have insight? I know it’s annoying and I can always block, but I wanted to be sure if I told them it was a violation that I was being truthful…and if not, I won’t do it again obviously! LOL.
  22. Changing any details within the gig itself shouldn’t affect that it’s the best seller. I’m not a tech-person so I don’t know if I’m really the one to help with that.
  23. Hi there! To my understanding, if you have more than 1 gig package or gig on your profile, the “best seller” indicates it’s the one purchased most often. Hope that helps!
  24. Thanks for the endorsement! Hopefully someone up there is watching and can take this to implementation!
  25. Hi Miiila! I didn’t see that note anywhere, (dumb of me to think I was the first one to make this topic). You’re welcome to reference that thread here!
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