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  1. I have a tiny grandchild too. I mostly get work done during the day when she is asleep. I wish my daughter had a cool grandparent! My dad gets overwhelmed with so much energy lol! It’s the opposite for me when it comes to working hours! Early morning, late nights and sporadic day hours! It’s intriguing how we work around the little ones! 🙂
  2. I did, for a minute! Before my toddler flipped the phone :woman_facepalming:t6: Next time I will time my attendance within working hours instead of break time with my tiny one 😃
  3. What event did I miss? 😱 Workshop for Mastering Fiverr’s Communication Best Practices for Sellers image532×522 34.6 KB
  4. It could be that they were overwhelmed into offering a free service for a minor and easily fixable mistake (that they did fix).
  5. It is highly unfortunate that you are willing to revise your previous ratings based upon a minor and easily fixable mistake (did the seller fix it?) The seller should have kept their end of the bargain, given you, as a service buyer could avail it any time, or it could have been time bound. Instead of ignoring, they should communicate their current issue, etc. Otherwise, it is best to look for an alternate.
  6. You can speak to CS. However, neither it is reportable nor you can revise the ratings you gave them. They might state it is bad business practice on the seller’s behalf. Was the offer for free service time bound? Do you want the same seller for your work if it were riddled with mistakes, as you mentioned?
  7. Responses to buyer’s requests cannot be dismissed/deleted
  8. Maybe just a buyer away! What would you say if it happened?!! Excellent! I may use it (even though we all know my hourly rate would just be $10 loolol) Maybe in Fiverr 4.0 or 5.0 Does the buyer’s guide mention it? :thinking: Sellers do not charge an hourly rate. Please do not register two business IDs and ask the same questions :point_up_2:t5:
  9. And OP used all their 10 offer requests
  10. Sounds like a comment to me, though 😉 Nobody ever said it was a problem to message a seller if one indeed intends to order from them, though! This is just about spammy messages. By all means do message them. I’ve ordered from sellers I knew through the forum myself, and why not, it can be a pretty good way to avoid issues, just as you say, Aaaaha! Someone will screenshot this into their YouTube video encouraging everyone to increase post response because DIDN’T I TELL YOU!
  11. You didn’t read them. She literally said not to thank her. You think posting on the forums “thank you” makes you look good, or brings you orders, but showing that you can’t even read (which is what you did here) has the opposite effect. Now you look like a meksell that will never go anywhere, congratulations. I looked up meksel and came across this historical and informative nugget from the forum history And I was also reminded of one of frank’s post to be kind. By tomorrow @miiila 's post will be flooded by more thank yous and heartmojis. We cannot end up calling out everyone… I received a notification and said hey don’t encourage me lol! ❤️ After I typed, @miiila had included an edit to keep the post on track 😅 Why not? I once ordered from another seller who had worked with me on a manual for a buyer. I had checked his work and liked it. Also, there are so many sellers outsourcing their work/part of it. For example, I helped a screencast video developer develop a storyboard. Spamming is what’s being discouraged in the post! I just noticed your ID is not associated with a Regular badge 🤯 I read threads as far back as 2017 and benefit from your responses on them.
  12. I usually have a set rate for a software manual. Sometimes buyers inquire about my hourly rate and I just state I charge project-wise, please share the project details and requirements so that I can study it and let you know accordingly. I understand when it comes to programming, there are unknown bugs, etc. that may appear as a challenge later but for a manual, I usually get the picture after looking at the software. As for my work process, I do not have a certain time to work as I have multiple projects in the queue and I handle it according to my personal commitments/deadlines, etc. Moreover, it may be open to disputes - I may complete a good chunk in power mode in 15 minutes, etc. usually how everyone works - how will I prove it? I do not fuss over the buyers who may be fixated upon hourly rates, but I would love to know how others go about it.
  13. I redirect them to the links to published blog post/knowledge base on software websites.
  14. Just blocking spam messages doesn’t guarantee they won’t count against your response rate. Before blocking, you need to reply to spam - even if you get the Fiverr message saying you don’t need to - and it only takes some seconds. Replying with a simple “no” or “reported” is enough. It was a short workshop. It’s over now. Ooo okay! That’s what I do, didn’t think it was a requirement! Thank you for informing
  15. It’s okay. Just be careful in the future. There is a fiverr event happening right now ‘Mastering Fiverr’s Communication Best Practices’ Join in : )
  16. You can ask your client to make the payment or you can pay and add that to your project. If the order has already initiated, you can ask them to make the payment.
  17. There was a chance of slight rain here in Karachi so it was mostly cloudy. So the only way I knew a solar eclipse was happening was the twitter trend.
  18. In the last 60 days, if you have received 100 messages, you have only responded to 27 of them. If, in the next 60 days, you begin responding to more messages (even if you don’t receive many), it would improve your overall response rate. Spammers messages will not count against you if you block them. Ignoring them will reflect in your inbox response rate. Whenever I receive an academic writing request, I call them out first for asking me to do an academic writing, report and block.
  19. If we focus on providing excellent customer service, the stats follow themselves. It is nothing sellers were not doing already that has been translated into a metric now. Order response rate is the messages that is received in the messages window under orders. Some sellers tend to ignore it - leads to loss of communication or miscommunication, leading to poor buyers’ experience.
  20. That happens a lot with me as well. Once during a zoom (audio), a client (while demoing their software) pointed it out and asked me where my schooling was from, and how old I was! It was surprising because I was from DOWN THERE… (downthereistan lol) Legit question! Maybe ask them the pronunciation and ask them whether there is an alternate initial they would prefer (maybe) or… just ignore the elephant in the room, avoid calling the name and sincerely hope there is no need! Okay, someone please share the right way.
  21. You could have easily left “name” out and say something like “Can you respond, please?” In retrospect, yes. My emotional side took over on the fourth day with no response. This is the client who messaged after a month of delivery and acceptance stating, “Why haven’t you shared the manual yet?”
  22. As much as it is annoying and I would realllllly love it if the buyers stated how sellers help them, as it would be so much more beneficial for other buyers as well. Once, there was a review stating, “thank you” If that wasn’t bad enough, they placed another order and the review stated, “thank you again” 😭 It’s still better than a no review, though :thinking: All musings aside, I’d go with @vickiespencer’s advice because ToS
  23. On a side note, I had/have a client who is “originally” Asian and the one instance I exasperatedly referred to their first name with “Name, will you please respond” Was met with, “It was disrespectful” :roll_eyes: I informed them that was far from my intention but seriously, you are singlehandedly destroying my project timelines 😑 Then I had a senior client from India who had ordered unannounced, I referred to her as ma’am (the one time I did) because calling her with her first name didn’t feel right due to culture.
  24. Congratulations! I had visited the thread twice to check whether there was an update (I had missed). Good to know!
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