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  1. to see the comments you have to click on the photo and there you will find the comments if right side
  2. and one more thing is if buyer comment of photo during the order it only got viewed from pc…form mobile you cant view it
  3. you cant open buyer review until you give the buyer a review…so if you want to see you have to give review,other wise after 10days it will appear automatic
  4. thats great…be expert in your working field and learn how to handle clients,how to talk to them …hope your journey in fiverr will be great
  5. thank you so much for your valuable tips but i had a question that sending buyer request at first is create more chance or not ,because on buyer get 150 request do you think they have that much of time to check all of them…
  6. its cant be said when you will get this chance…only fiverr knows whom they want to give that chance and how they give it,the things only you can do is waiting
  7. to get a brand new start first edit your gig description and change the images…try to be active as much as possible and be active in fiverr forum…and the most important is be expert in your work,and learn to handle clients
  8. what kind of edit have you done…and to get impression please be active in forum its a best way to get impression
  9. be active if fiverr and fiverr forum is the best way to get impression
  10. new as a new seller first know the rules of fiverr…because it most important …other wise you will not know when fiverr will gives you warning then banned…so be careful with rules know them and follow them
  11. you are welcome… i hope my opinion will helpful
  12. you have to do nothings …just work as you was working before,but if you getting order in regularly then never ever do any changes in your gig
  13. hi to show your work as a portfolio you can use flicker …upload your work in flicker and give the link to the client for show…its the best way to show clients your work
  14. hi there is two types of effort…one in puting effort if wrong way where the result will be zero…and 2nd is in right way…you have to be expert in your working filed ,then in English then have to know how to handle clients and how to talk to them…if you have any leaking in those sector then first improve your self then start
  15. about sales…it like a rainfall where its raining it raining all time…and where its not raining there became Drought…i hope you understand what i was trying to say
  16. thanks for wishes …hope you are okk and getting work continuously…because its the most important things for a seller
  17. hi welcome to fiverr…its a great place to get work…but not that easy…you have to be experienced in your working field …have to know how to handle clients…if you have any leaking in any sector first overcome this…other wise you wont be able to far
  18. hi…i think this is your frist post in fiverr…so be active in fiverr forum …i hope your gig will get impressions and then it will ranked…thats how you will get more order rather then promoting your gig like this
  19. before join fiverr hope you know al the rules and regulations of fiverr…other wise you can get banned and because fiver is very strict about their rules
  20. yes but the description and images try to keep them different
  21. to improve in fiverr forum you have to be active in forum …read all the post …share your opinion …help others by giving advice thats how you can improve your skill in fiverr forum
  22. make 7gigs of fiverr…you will get more buyer request but you can only send 10 request in one day…so choose the best one to send request
  23. you’re welcome .and if we help each other then we all will be benefited…together we stand apart we fall
  24. have no idea but let me check about it and i will let you know,but there is some guideline that fiverr provide please check that hope it will be helpfull for you
  25. if you were a level 2 seller then you should now better about buyer request …one buyer keep the request utill he could the appropriate seller…so it obvious that after few moments the request will be gone
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