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  1. its cant be said when you will get this chance…only fiverr knows whom they want to give that chance and how they give it,the things only you can do is waiting
  2. yes but the description and images try to keep them different
  3. as i know marketing your gig means share your gig in Facebook…Instagram//tiwter,linkdin,etc etc etc,because if there is any persons in your those social media person want to do some work can see your id and can place a order…i hopw i could explain you as much as i know
  4. because their gig title is not appropriate…when a client search the title their gig might not get appeared because of that kind of title…and most important is staying online as much as possible…because most of the client prefer online seller
  5. you’re welcome…need anyhlep feel free to ask …i will try my best to support
  6. as a new seller first make sure you know all the rules and regulations of fiverr… then make sure you are fully prepared to handle a client …then make sure you are active all the time…do get success in fiverr you have to be active
  7. getting order in fiverr is not so easy…sometime it takes few months or sometimes it takes few weeks but the main key is patient
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