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  1. Fiverr forum activity is a great thing. We can help each others by forum. It is very helpful for every fiverr user.
  2. The first thing is try to give quality service to your buyers. Deliver on time. Your buyer's positive feedback will help to rank your gig for sure. Second thing is Make sure that no order is canceled.
  3. Yes my first dose is complete and still now waiting for second dose. My vaccine is Covishield.
  4. Forum is the best place to learn about all new feature of fiverr.
  5. This is the infinite mercy of Allah.
    Today I got the level one badge.


  6. Can you help me by this answer “How to select the perfect SEO title for a gig?”
  7. I want to know how much they spent to get V.I.D.?
  8. Wrong advice. NO, he cannot just delete this account and start a new one using the same payment method. His new account will be flagged as a duplicate and will be disabled, restricted or banned. If you want to disable or delete this account, you would need permission from Fiverr customer service. Otherwise, you would run the risk of them thinking you are bypassing the TOS here by creating multiple accounts (yes, even IF you delete this account you have now), and this can lead to you not being able to sell here. GG Okay thanks. Then tell the right way.
  9. You can ask this question in fiverr customer support. It will be better to get the correct information. Thanks.
  10. Dark mode is very necessary things for any kind of website. It saves our eyes.
  11. Very Important question. I will follow the comment to be a good seller.
  12. You are welcome to fiverr. Hope you will get order very soon.
  13. Thanks. Your Information will be very helpful for every seller.
  14. Thanks for this information. I really appreciate you knowledge about gig SEO.
  15. Yes, I think also that Bad review is worst for a seller account.
  16. Seller will receive minus 20% from the whole amount of order. The whole amount will be counted without service fee.
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