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  1. Hello new seller, Everyday 10 buyer request sent properly, active on Fiverr and Fiverr forum then you got a new job immediately. 

  2. If you send 10 buyer requests every day and spend more time on Fiverr then you will get the job.
  3. You always try to active in Fiverr and your gig share in any social media.
  4. Share your gig any social media increase your gig impression as Up.
  5. 24 hours acctive on fiverr and send 10 buyer request everyday.You must be successful.
  6. You all time active on fiverr and send everyday 10 buyer request properly.
  7. Thank you very much for your information.
  8. Hello I’m Nazmul Hasan my job is T-shirt design. from Bangladesh
  9. Welcome to fiverr family. Best of luck for you.
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