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  1. Never hopeless bother, I hope the next job you will get 5 stars. best of luck!
  2. edit your gig and try to send 10buyer requests every day.
  3. is it need to be the same gig title and SEO title? can I use only the main keyword in there? and which punctuation mark can I use in the middle of both keywords?
  4. hello everyone, I’m new on Fiverr. many people say that if you edit your gig this will fall down your gig ranking, is it true?
  5. thanks for your kind attention:) we talk about custom orders and the buyer agree to that so now can I send the custom order from my another gig?
  6. Hello everyone! recently I was wanted to delete one of my gigs. but one buyer inboxes me on this gig which I wanted to delete… I already finished her work. so can I share another gig link on my inbox to say, “place your order in this gig, I will deliver your work in there?” is Fiverr allow it? note: buyer didn’t still order. .......thanks again........
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