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  1. @misscrystal Yes, I face the same issue, but no idea what's going on.
  2. Hello mate, Two of the best ways to achieve it for free, are Youtube and Pinterest. Make lots of videos of your art/designs and try to add it to Youtube and Pinterest, as often as you can. Every day at least one video is the best course of action. Videos do way better than only text, only pictures or text and pictures. Stats has shown that one video is about 12 times more powerful than one text ad, thus try to concentrate mainly on videos if you can.
  3. The minimum length of long-tail keywords is 3 words at least. for example, the word spatula is a single keyword whereas the spatula cooking set is a long-tail keyword, you become more specific with the longtail keyword.
  4. Hello mates, Some of tips for new seller *You can create an incredible gig to attract new customers. *You can take tests of your skills and earn certificates. *You can learn from Fiverr to learn the way to get more orders. *Your gig needs to have the simplest samples of your work in order that the customer knows that he can trust you together with his project.
  5. Hello fiverr mate, I got a notifications for Fiverr Pride: Celebrating Our Community program, have any explanations how helpful to join this, cheers Ak
  6. Oho really, its a great news for us. Regards Teeshub
  7. Hello Adam! Its amazing! I love this idea! Nice to meet you. Cheers Khan
  8. Oho really, its great news Regards Screenshot_1639×617 98.8 KB Teeshub
  9. Downloaded, and thanks fiverr for your E book. its amazing
  10. If you share your any kind of personal details, you were punished for doing so. Regards Khan
  11. john_mickel Thaks sharing these tips and tricks, really it’s good for every new seller. Reagards Khan
  12. Hey Simba, find a seller who understands your requirement, and obviously need to order first this site. Regards Khan
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