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  1. Check by clicking all the images one by one.
  2. Okay. Will do it for sure once I encountered this again.
  3. No, it is not happening just to the buyer, it is happening to buyer and me, a seller on my end. And in multiple orders (each order I included mp4 in attachment). image2121×883 133 KBI play the video, pause at 02:22 click on the video to add comment, and add comment, but the timestamp says 00:00. Regarding comments this is the message I get in notification: image548×615 50.7 KBBefore, when I would click on it it would guide me to the image with the comment, now it just takes me to the order page. In 2020 when someone anyone leaves a comment on the image there would be a system message in order message timeline with a link guiding to that specific image with a comment. Look at one of the 2020 order communication: image837×679 62.8 KBNow when I leave or the buyer leaves a comment nothing happens on order page, just a notification pops up but I have no idea where was a comment left, on what image. This “Hi name, I left you comment on one file ___ View comment” message is missing now (not happening or being added to the order communication). @rantoueg We can connect over Zoom and I can show you in order that I have ongoing. I can’t share a video here due to the sensitivity of the buyer/seller but we can do that over Zoom privately. Exactly this is what I’m facing with comments on files. They are no longer visible in the chat. Only solution to this for now is to open every file to look for possible comments. But it would be very difficult to track when multiple files are being sent in the order chat.
  4. I did reported the same to the Support almost a month ago. And according to their reply concerned team has been notified for this.
  5. You can’t delete an offer once sent in chat. But there is an option to withdrawal before the buyer accepts it.
  6. Ask the buyer to do the same. And comments dialog box would be there on the right side of the screen.
  7. Just tap the file you had sent and comments would be visible to you. Let me know if this doesn’t work.
  8. I got that survey too! I forgot to mention promoted gigs. They do play a part in this, but it’s super complicated. Would love to hear your take on that. Onsite promoted gigs seems to be a little off to me. Don’t know how but they won’t boost much even after getting orders from regulars. Giving a seller a bit more control and detailed dashboard would have helped I guess.
  9. Thank you for replying. Well it makes sense for the algorithm to favor good performers in general. One thing my article didn’t cover is pricing. Pricing does play a role in your gig’s overall performance. So an expensive gig that never converts is definitely performing worse than an average priced gig that sells. And a lower priced gig that sells a lot, may be weighted less than said average priced gig. In most cases Pro gigs are usually the highest priced gigs and while they don’t get boosted over regular gigs they are served more to people who the algo thinks have a better chance of spending. That really makes sense. Algos optimizing to make as much revenue for the platform. I must say a lot goes behind the curtains. Filled a survey a few days back about the Offsite promotion of gigs, it will definitely be going to boost the platform and sellers. Considering the offsite ads going niche down the services will help surely help in conversion in the long run. Let’s see when they are going to roll out this.
  10. Thanks @frank_d for sharing your observations. I can totally agree on the part some big changes are done in Algos. Many sellers reported gig impression falling and something similar happened to one of my gigs. Diversifying through tags is something that can surely help to target a bigger audience(I guess), also something also these lines came up while discussing recently with the Success manager. One of my assumptions is that Sellers offering higher ticket gigs in the category and with a good track record are going to get boosted. What’s your opinion on this? @frank_d
  11. Just click on the image and you will be able to see the comments. It’s a bug I guess
  12. This update was much needed. Can Fiverr reduce the no. of days of accepting the milestone or asking for revisions(8 days are a lot more than needed)? @mjensen415
  13. I haven’t got the chance to try Payoneer. If you do please don’t forget to share your experience.
  14. @mjensen415 Is there any way to close this Topic? Many times previous topic get active out of sudden without any reason. Thanks
  15. Yeah I’m going to now. Just wanted to know if anyone experienced this before. Thanks
  16. From the last 2 days, I’m getting a notification about comments from the buyer on order files but not able to see them in chat. I have to ask the buyer about what they have written in a comment. I tried using different browsers on pc and mobile both. Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thank You
  17. You can simply block the toxic buyers like this. You had already done your job and he marked it as completed, you had done your part of agreement. You’re not responsible for any unpaid revisions some buyers try to trick sellers. STAY SAFE
  18. Convince your buyer to pay for the amount of work you had already done. And create a new order of that amount, after the order is placed you can mutually cancel the bigger order.
  19. I agree. I read everything Fiverr had to give new sellers when I joined. Yet, I enjoyed Frank’s webinar. I did learn some new strategies and was reminded of many I once knew but forgot. Yeah, it really helped to recall all the necessary steps. Also, the presentation deck was awesome. Looking forward to more advanced sessions in the near future on in-depth strategies.
  20. Thank you @frank_d for your response. Same with me all of the prospect’s messages turn into a custom order. This helps to fasten the process and prevents any mistake from the buyer side. No worries, Sir. Don’t forget to schedule a session on tips for beard;)
  21. Great session Frank Thank You very much Should I prefer sending Custom order to ease the process for buyer or ask them to order directly, when direct order is possible for the project? Does having more Custom Orders affects the Gig rank negatively?
  22. Registered and booked the call. Super excited:)
  23. That’s great. Would love to give this a shot.
  24. Isn’t it kind of demotivational? Fiverr is always my first choice to freelance but being on the OP’s position is definitely going to hurt. Every time I get an order above $100 it turns to be a bit scary rather than being happy. With always thinking what if this buyer is fraudulent. The only possible solution to avoid this situation I can think of is having a feature where Sellers can rate buyers(internally-hidden from buyers) honestly and seller can review it before working on BIGGER projects. Let’s hope something like this is introduced in future by Fiverr.
  25. Can you please tell payment conversion rate is it current market rate or is it different? Like in PayPal conversion rate are below than actual rate.
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