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  1. It sounds like Alex’s account has been restricted. He can only contact clients he has an open offer with. As this is his first warning, hopefully Fiverr restores his account to full functionality soon. It is not the first warning, it’s the 3rd…
  2. Thanks a lot for all your suggestions @cubittaudio I received 3 warnings, not just 1 because there is no way to solve this even if I add a shot-list or a document in the pre-production stage, the algorithm will still see it as an incomplete order for some reason and then I get the warnings.
  3. My clients don’t purchase my gigs. I only send them custom offers broken down into 3 stages and explain my process to them but it seems like that’s against Fiverr TOS and I can’t find a way in which I can use Fiverr without breaking the rules…
  4. Can this be solved or am I going to have my account suspended? Here is the message I sent to Fiverr Support with all the details of what happened: Hi Fiverr, I would like to break down my process of creating cinematographic commercials for clients and hopefully recover my flagged account and clean the wargings I received for using the delivery button to send incomplete deliveries. In order for me to be able to complete these big projects I have to break them down into 3 stages / payments: Stage 1 PRE-PRODUCTION Creating a Shot ListScouting for Filming LocationsCasting Actors, Models, Performers (modelling, acting, or location fees will be added in this offer to be able to pay the actors and get location approvals for filming)Stage 2 PRODUCTION High Quality Full 4K Cinematographic FilmingStage 3 POST-PRODUCTION Advanced EditingColour GradingSound DesignClean TitlesNow in order for me to move into production and start filming I have to add modelling, acting, or location fees into the first offer of pre-production so I can pay the actors and get location approvals for filming. So basically I cannot start filming if pre-production isn’t paid first and when I deliver the pre-production offer I am getting warnings for sending incomplete deliveries. I heard that there will be a new option added which will allow sellers to send bigger offers divided into multiple milestone payments but it is not there yet. I would also like to point out that there are some clients for which I completed pre-production or production on my account but I cannot contact them anymore, send them the next offer and finish their projects because my account is flagged. I can only contact the clients I have an open offer with. I really hope we can find a way in which I can move forward with my projects through Fiverr without breaking any TOS rules. Also the delivery time on my projects might have been a bit slower lately, this is because of all the Covid19 situation which slows down the process of casting actors and getting filming location approvals. Unfortunately this is not something I can control and I really hope Covid19 disappears soon! Thank you for taking the time to go through everything I wrote! I am looking forward to your answers and hopefully positive results to my account. Have a fantastic day! Alex Mitar
  5. What’s the best way to withdraw funds from Faiverr? PayPal, Bank Transfer, or Fiverr Revenue Card?
  6. “Maybe you read an article or watched a YouTube video and it all sounded perfect for you.” Those guys succeed because they put in the work, they actually make those videos on YouTube and create articles which probably have a link to the Gigs they sell. 🙂 Thanks for spending your time to write this post! 🙏
  7. Just passed my Adobe Premier Pro test! 🥳
  8. Ohhh ok. I understand now! Thanks very much @lloydsolutions
  9. Still doesn’t say how to upload multiple vids on the same gig but thanks for trying to help @lloydsolutions
  10. I’ve been checking other people’s gigs and they seem to have more than one video uploaded. How do you do that? I can’t seem to find the option
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