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  1. For example, when a seller submits his job report to a buyer, the buyer may no accept it. Sometimes he claims it's not exactly what he wants and doesn't pay. In this case, Fiverr doesn't justify it properly whether it was right or wrong.
  2. There have more facilities for a buyer at Fiverr market place in every sphere. But why? we're, the sellers also a major part of this marketplace.
  3. Etiquette and manners may vary from country to country, culture to culture, religion to religion. I'm a Bangladeshi and I'm a Muslim. I'm happy to say that every Muslim feels comfortable greeting anyone by saying "Assala Mualaikum" which means peace be upon on you. Someone says that it's not suitable to say Sir, dear, friend, brother, sister etc. with a client. It's better to say hi, hello or calling a nickname. I've a question for all, are we here for practicing others culture? "A seller have to learn about a buyer country's culture and should communicate according to it" I'm not agree with that. I think a buyer's should give importance on works and consider other's culture too.
  4. I'm really grateful to all for posting and placing valuable opinions in my post. I think all are here are seniors to me and I respect all. so, now I'm just playing a role as a silent viewer. But like others, I've also read out every post with much attention. Almost everyone here is placing the best quotes which really praiseworthy and educative. But I would like to draw your kind attention to the fact that please pass your opinion maintaining self-respect. Because we're all here passing our time just for learning and sharing new things related to our jobs so that both buyers and sellers could be made adjust themselves in the Fiverr marketplace. Thank you.
  5. I'm really happy that you've compred the Bangali with the Spanish. You know Spain is the world's fourteenth-largest economy by nominal GDP and It's the high developed country in Europe.It's literacy rate apprx. 98.44%. We are Bangleadeshi not like that. we belong to under poverty line where we've to face thousands of difficulty. But I'm happy to say that we're improving ourelves very rapidly in every sectors.
  6. Thanks for sharing your practical experiences. I appreciate your decent mentality.
  7. more than 2k/day..! my impression just about 100/day. what should i do?
  8. Thanks. whatever, I still respest you as a senior person. You know "to err is human" But you are talking such a way as if making mistake were a big crime and men can never do that.
  9. Actually, there have much mutual understanding gap between you and me. I'm very open-minded person. I don't like bargaining with anyone. May be it's my fault that I'm not able to make you understand what I actually want to say. However, never mind If anything wrong. Finally, If you have anything to say that will be better for me, I would cordially accept those.
  10. I just want to focus on it but I couldn't express it like you. we all have to remember that everything starts from zero. But it's a matter of regret that some people forget once they were nothing too. They just judge anyone from their present conditions.
  11. Actually, I don't like a person who claims I know everything;I'm the best person in the world. Though I'm not good at English, I'm serving as an English teacher since five years in a local high school.Yes, I know freelancing isn't like teaching. Nevertheless, you know there are hundreds tools in online site which make easier our job. InsheAllah, I think I can cope with services that are mentioned in my gig. Anyway, I agree with your opinion. I'm just kidding.
  12. Dear Salam, Take my heartiest reagrds. I've gone through your whole comment with keen interest. This really has satisfied my mind especially your's three pointed advices. Thanks for your decent comment. Actually I passed that post because of some irrelevant conversations with a buyer that hearted me. Yes, every buyer not likes that. I've put this post not for criticize anyone but for the purpose of gaining expericences. Because I was so nervous. And I'm happy to say that now I feel comfortable after reading valuable comments posted by my well wishers. Actually I,m new at Fiverr marketplace even it is my first post in here. I don't know what to say, please take it easy. Thanks again for checking my mistakes and for your valuable advices.
  13. I highly appreciate your friend quote that you mentioned in your comments. Thanks for refering mistakes in my new articles writing gig . Yes, there may have many mistakes. You know I am new at Fiverr and sorry to say that I'm not good at English languge too. I agree with your opinion. But what do you say when any buyers say Bangladeshi not allowed to send offer?
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