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  1. This is my first post, that’s means I am not posting irrelevant topics all over the place. Thanks for your suggestions!
  2. @frank_dI am totally new here and can’t read any post too. Just saying you don’t have the permission. even don’t know anything about the new forum. Totally stuck. However, thank you for the info.
  3. why I cannot read the post? just saying don’t have the permission.

  4. you can share you feedback about the new forum her.
  5. I have seen another Seller has given a bad rating about you, but don’t know, what is happing between both of you and who is the responsible for this. However, in Fiverr Clients gets more flexibility than Seller and this is True.
  6. Have you shared you thoughts (design sample) with the Freelancer what you are looking for. Sometimes communication is key to any successful project.
  7. What is the issue your are facing? can you explain in details about the project and what you have got.
  8. Nothing to do in this issue. Just keep going and forget everything.
  9. Mostly no my friend, better forget it and keep going!!
  10. No one can help you brother, just this the only reality. So, leave it and keep going.
  11. Select No and Save it, if you are living outside of the USA. that’s it
  12. i am talking about Live Chat! not mail. hope you understand
  13. Hi Bro, Contact with Payoneer team with Live Chat or call. However, just have patience.
  14. Great Achievement! keep it up the good work and share your experience here to help others sellers.
  15. Now a days this is happening frequently. However, try to share your gig on Social media. Its may work. All the best
  16. Always try to keep patience, however, you did nothing wrong, but you should use positive word, when you reply someone. I am really sorry; I know I don’t fit into everyone’s budget!!
  17. Share your gig on social media to get some impression, hope it will help you little bit to rank. Otherwise there is no short-cut to rank your gig.
  18. I think, the maximum seller will send their buyer request short, but what is the basic differences that will make you special among them, as there are so many application.
  19. I am totally agree with you! one of the top buyer posted a job offer and want to create membership area. But after hiring me, he asked me to design more than 10 pages with the same amount of offer. He wants to cancel his order, When I shown my disagreement with him. I have raised a canceling request through Fiverr support (before made the cancelation request from buyer end) and describing this things with proper documentation, but its a matter of sorrow that, my request is still pending at the Fiverr support end. On the other hand, the order has been canceled by Fiverr Support within minute, after made the cancelation request from buyer (without any Fiverr support ticket). Now, my order competition ratio decreases day by day, though I am not responsible for this. So, Fiverr will never sided you over Buyer. If you want to run your freelancing career here, just take this matter easily.
  20. Share you gig on Social Media and and other platform, but do not spamming. Best wishes. Thank You
  21. you can not do anything, without waiting for another 60 days. feeling bad for you.
  22. We should not break the rules of Fiverr, this can be the reason of get banned. However, your payment will not be secured outside of Fiverr as there is no liabilities between you and your buyer.
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