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  1. This is my first post, that’s means I am not posting irrelevant topics all over the place. Thanks for your suggestions!
  2. @frank_dI am totally new here and can’t read any post too. Just saying you don’t have the permission. even don’t know anything about the new forum. Totally stuck. However, thank you for the info.
  3. why I cannot read the post? just saying don’t have the permission.

  4. you can share you feedback about the new forum her.
  5. I have seen another Seller has given a bad rating about you, but don’t know, what is happing between both of you and who is the responsible for this. However, in Fiverr Clients gets more flexibility than Seller and this is True.
  6. Have you shared you thoughts (design sample) with the Freelancer what you are looking for. Sometimes communication is key to any successful project.
  7. What is the issue your are facing? can you explain in details about the project and what you have got.
  8. Nothing to do in this issue. Just keep going and forget everything.
  9. Mostly no my friend, better forget it and keep going!!
  10. No one can help you brother, just this the only reality. So, leave it and keep going.
  11. Select No and Save it, if you are living outside of the USA. that’s it
  12. i am talking about Live Chat! not mail. hope you understand
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