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  1. Decline won’t cancel the order. Decline will decline the cancellation request.
  2. It depends heavily on the situation. Did they provide a reason?
  3. Like I said; I don’t really want to get into it. Just wanted to get it out of me. And please don’t laugh.
  4. It is indeed in reference to that post; though your understanding of the post is somewhat incorrect.
  5. Hi. As some of you may or may not know, something happened last night that I am deeply ashamed of. For those who are unaware of what happened, I don’t really want to go into the details, and I don’t think there is any remaining record of the post in question – when I last checked it had been removed from the forum. But for those who do understand that I am referring to, I would like to apologize. I am deeply ashamed of my actions, and there is no excuse. I have had a difficult time recently due to some personal events I would rather not share, and something went wrong last night and resulted in… well, that. But that is no excuse. Please consider this my public apology. I am truly sorry and ashamed of what I did. Thank you for reading, and I am sorry if this topic makes no sense due to the lack of context, Jake
  6. I’m a bit disappointed to be honest that nobody believes me. Slightly discouraging. image1023×719 55.1 KB
  7. It starts like this. ‘Jale’. Right. Sure. Jale. So… what do you actually do? Like… what is your job? Can you… refer me to someone who can be bothered to help someone? Is that a threat to… to… ‘make the money go’? Yes, beg. Begging seems like a good solution. You too! The supreme passive-aggressiveness is marvelling my day enough. I'm crying...… with laughter. You wouldn’t think CS could sink so low. I don’t know what they have against me. Every agent I talk too seems to be full of this… Except that one scared of me. I like that one.
  8. If you can’t do 14 orders at the same time, limit the amount of orders you have. That tool is there for a reason.
  9. Can you share a screenshot of the order page where it shows the order value?
  10. You have a 24 minute read time. Read around and you will find there are already dozens of tips available (repeated hundreds of times over).
  11. You need to remove the buyer’s name from that screenshot. Totally wrong to name and shame. I suggest you read Fiverr’s TOS and the forum rules.
  12. You really shouldn’t be looking for buyers on social media. That’s an utter invasion of their privacy. Totally wrong.
  13. Stop spamming the forum. It doesn’t help you at all, only hinders for it will result in you being blocked. @aswaninabwen510 I would recommend creating some samples to show to people that are aside from what people have ordered. For example, just ‘invent’ a memoir. Or, add in your gig description that you retain the right to use all delivered works in your portfolio to showcase to potential clients. This is an easy option for when this happens in the future.
  14. No, you said… Updating every month or so doesn’t even have any benefits. How do you know it makes your gig rank higher? I can answer that for you. You don’t.
  15. Editing a gig throws it out of search. So… what you are saying isn’t necessarily true.
  16. You’re totally blind to the fact that you breached TOS. I don’t understand what your problem is.
  17. I thought the reason was evident. It’s the same reason behind wearing masks in fields and running the other way from people when they see you… SummaryCoronavirus is here. And lots of new sellers with it… which floods CS’ with tickets.
  18. Percentage of what? Whatever it is, 4.9 is pretty low.
  19. There’s really no need to do that. You’ll either level, or you won’t. CS is really behind, taking upwards of ten days to respond, and it’s not something that they’ll likely do anything about anyway. Is it really that terrible to have to wait a few weeks? I disagree. If it’s the fault of the system, OP shouldn’t have to wait another month. CS should manually promote him. I get that they are falling behind but that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t contact them.
  20. I mean…, if seller contact CS to remove or change the buyer bad review…, then it’s not allowed. BUT…, if Buyer with their own will, want to change their review…, it’s possible. Only if it breaks TOS. That example was 2 years old. Newer sources are far more relevant.
  21. Pretty much summarises the forums these days.
  22. Nevertheless, do not ask CS to change the review or you will get a warning against your account. If the buyer lied and called you names then you could go to CS but not if they gave you a decent review and did not slander you. I just read your buyer’s review and it was a good review. If you or your buyer asks to have it changed, CS will see that you talked to the buyer about the review. That is NOT a good thing. I just checked the review and it was quite praiseful, so it won’t be changed. And @tannywrites you broke the TOS. Just admit it. It doesn’t matter why, but you did, so you’ve got yourself a warning over nothing.
  23. But that doesn’t change the facts. You broke the rules that you agreed to follow. So now you can’t do anything.
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