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  1. You will have to evaluate what will be a better source of income: a business… or Fiverr? If you want to work with this other person you will have to share contact details, which would either get a strike against/or suspend your Fiverr account. But 50/50 is a LOT. If I were you, I would keep the business for myself and for marketing, employ a director. Not share half of your profits with them. But before making any decision, you will have to do a LOT of research about business and marketing.
  2. I wouldn’t say ‘heart-touching’ is the right word to use here.
  3. I think that the ‘number one tip’ is to order from OP.
  4. What skills do you have? What are you thinking of offering?
  5. Read this topic I made the other week. CS cancelled one of my orders (and it turns out in the end it was by mistake).
  6. I don’t know what you mean by “scram me”, but a user of the age of 12 should not be on the platform. Report him.
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