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  1. After learning of Fiverr’s existence a couple weeks back, (thank you Shane Dawson, a big youtuber who did 2 videos on this site/app) I’ve been really interested in it. I thought it was neat that you could do what you like, help strangers from around the world, and even make some cash along the way. So I decided to join because why not. Seems like fun, plus I have a lot of time on my hands because I attend online school so I’m always home. From what I know, Fiverr doesn’t really specify an age requirement to sell your services so I’m guessing it’s fine that I’m 17 and created my own gig? Anyway, my question is on a site like this CAN a young teen like me become successful? I feel like it’s nowhere near possible seeing all the skilled, certified adults here and I feel like I’m not match against them. I ask/say this because I don’t want to be wasting my time to be honest. I’ve tried applying for real jobs in the past with no luck so I thought I’ll try this and make some quick side cash until I can gain a real world job. If any other teens who sell happen to be reading this, how long did it take for you to get your first buyer? Do you think people are hesitant to buy from you because of your young age? I’m just curious really. And to the adults, honestly speaking, would you actually buy from a teen seller if they met your requirements and were selling what you needed? Thanks everyone 🙂
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