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  1. hii everyone, how can i change where i am from?
  2. thank you very much the problem is that i don’t see a button or a place when i go inside my buyer request to make an offer…how can i do?
  3. is it just to give italian food recipes to restaurant or people that like to know
  4. it’s about food recipes…sorry for my english i’m italian…thanks in advance
  5. my category is health nutrition and fitness is strange that i never see buyer request. what do you suggest i can do??to look for buyer ?
  6. hiii everybody,I can’t see any buyer request, what could be the problem?? someone could help me??say 10 offers left today but i never saw offers.
  7. oo i see! thank you…but like i can’t look for someone maybe asking that i can give?like someone that write “i’m looking for translation or italian receipe”??
  8. how can the seller sent buyer request?thank you very much
  9. Hi everybody! I’m new in Fiverr. I’m trying to sell my Sicilian recipes putting the gigs but i don’ t really understand how this works. How could i know if someone see my profile?how can i know if is working? thanks in advance to everyone could help me.
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