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  1. exactly the same situations. 700+ orders only 1 bad review . But from the last 3 months everything is crawling on the earth
  2. You are saying right, i have exactly the same issue. And it still exists. what would be the possible solution for this ?
  3. Although i have a few returning buyers and i am delivering them quality work and they are also happy with the tasks i do for them. I have 800+ 5 star ratings. But from the last month all my gigs are down and non of them getting impressions and clicks. However, my returning buyers bring 40 to 50 orders for me each month. still after their best reviews the account is not getting ranked again. What could be the problem ? and how do i overcome it ? Thank You, Ali
  4. I work hard at the inception of my journey on Fiverr; now, I am a stable freelancer on Fiverr. This is the time now that I look forward to expanding my business on Fiverr, but the obstacle in this way is that I can not manage whole things lonely. I have to keep an assistant. So that the assistant can help me in managing things perfectly; in this regard, we look forward to Fiverr that it creates some mechanism like WordPress where we can add someone as an editor or as another role performer.
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