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  1. There is no time limit. It depends on you and your clients. If you want you can offer 100 revisions, No problem
  2. The tips are real and benefitable. Beside the tips you mention I think we should focus on sending buyer requests also.
  3. This is really very informative. Thank you so much for sharing this information
  4. Welcome! I hope you get a good start!
  5. There is no fixed time frame, Normally it takes 2- 10 days or even more. But don't worry it happens.
  6. Click on your gig then click on the edit button then goto the gallery tab. And change the 1st video or image. This is how you can change your cover photo
  7. Improve your profile. Stay active. And send buyer requests.
  8. No you can’t provide same service using two device from the same IP address , Don’t do this
  9. Don’t worry it will be fine, But you are facing this problem for long time then you should definitely contact with the fiverr support center
  10. It can take upto 10-15 days to start getting traffic
  11. I think it’s important to stay active in fiverr but not 24/7. The time depends on you , how much you can stay online it’s up to you
  12. yes, but stay active, you may get success soon
  13. if the buyer wants to buy any extra service from you then he/she can increase the budget with your permission but the buyer can’t lower the budget after placing order
  14. Just create an attractive gig and informative description, stay active and send buyer request to get success
  15. May be your buyer didn’t leave any review, It’s not bug
  16. though I didn’t get the option but I am very excited for this option
  17. Gig image is very important, so try to create an attractive image and description, send buyer request and share your gigs, I hope you will start getting order very soon
  18. Create attractive and useful gig, send buyer request and wait
  19. That’s great! New opportunity
  20. Stay active as much as you can, create high quality gig image and description
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