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  1. How does this work then? I can’t see any way to do it?
  2. Excuse me. This is not a human voice. This is a text-to-speech generator. A TTS generator has its uses and applications and could be useful to a buyer but this is not a human voice. I wonder what the 1% of non-human voice is?
  3. Glad to hear you’re feeling better 🙂 Being ill sucks, especially when it impacts your ability to earn a living. We use Shure SM7Bs, and can vouch for them 100%. I’ve used a Neumann TLM 102 before and it’s fantastic - I know a few people who own them and they absolutely swear by them. I think this was the microphone that Michael Jackson recorded Thriller on. It was also a staple for broadcasting in the US in the 80s. My advice would be order a couple of see which one suits you best - I think it’ll be the Neumann. I found the Shure ones were brilliant if coupled with a long chain of enhancements (compressor, limiter, expander, eq etc) and if you have a lot of high energy reads whereas the Neumann, certainly for me, is more of a ‘catch all’.
  4. I use a TLM 102 with DBX 286S as my compressor. You can hear how it sounds in my demos. But I love it. The 102 was more affordable than the 103.
  5. The whiteboard animators go nuts when you do this. They simply shouldn’t be allowed to download work until they’ve marked the order as complete. The amount of people who say '‘my client didn’t accept it’ is incredible - they then expect you to cancel the order. They have literally no respect!
  6. I still think the best solution would be to prevent our audio files from being downloaded until the buyer marks the order as complete, like the artwork guys do with watermarks. This would prevent a lot of back and forth! I’ve had a lot of problems recently too.
  7. I’ve got a bit of a situation with a buyer. Yesterday they placed an order but haven’t paid in full for it (didn’t purchase commercial rights) - and won’t. This occasionally happens to voice over people. I’ve opened a dispute with customer services yesterday as I don’t want a mutual cancellation to affect my stats as this isn’t my fault. The order is now 6 hours overdue - and CS haven’t yet responded (after around 30 hours). How long until the order auto-completes as a 1* review? Obviously I don’t want that to happen and would prefer to do a dispute cancellation with the buyer to avoid this (not that I should have to). Many thanks Joanne x
  8. You get out of Fiverr what you put into Fiverr. If morale is an issue then you need to either work harder or get some self belief. You can only be ‘you’. People will buy into it or not - never take it personally. But, if you think somebody would employ you in their company for your ability then you absolutely have the ability to do the job for yourself - you just have to find the customers yourself, and that’s the hardest part - and the only part Fiverr will help you with.
  9. You could always message them to ask for a WAV sample.
  10. They come and go - I end up doing none for a while, then a few arrive at once. I just do them when I can.
  11. Game changer here…can you withdraw direct to a bank? In the UK? I’d been using Paypal…
  12. That happens on a daily basis to me too. The life of a VO.
  13. I do it often - generally when people under order, like not paying for commercial rights etc.
  14. I found the same - I have to include a white frame right around my videos in order to stop the text getting chopped off. You can see here: https://www.fiverr.com/personalletters?up_rollout=true I’m now going through an occasional bug where not all my gig videos show on my profile.
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