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  1. gig shows active but i cant find them in my search result.

  2. whats ur category? if u can share the link i can take a look and give my feedback on it.
  3. i agree. i contacted support on this. cause these canellaction were not my fault. i hope they will fix it.
  4. not as easy as it sounds 😃 lots of sleepless nights <3 but i think i lost it all now. Thank you for ur feedback
  5. worse part is, these cancellations were not even my fault. buyers buy and never sending me info. stuff like that. 😦
  6. Hi my gig was in 1st page for couple of month. getting more than 10 orders per day. unfortunatley i had to cancel some order due to conflict of intrest and crazy buyers. my cancellation rate is at 14% and my gig is LITERALLY is on the LAST page. not even kidding. with 0 impressions. this is a gig did 14k impressions per day. what do i do to get it back?
  7. stay online. share on social media. simple as that
  8. okay thanks ! i was not thinking milestones. Thank you
  9. as a UI UX designer, i get orders which takes more than 1-2 months to complete. With revsions the order stays open for atleast 60+ days. but the fiverr completion rate is calculated within this 60 days. (rate of compelted order within 60 days)… so what if i take only 2 orders only then it stays open for more than 60 days (im talking about HUGE projects here not like making a flyer lol) the rate drops. and potentially my profile level drops. which is not fair. since some of my order are kept opened more than 60 days…my completion rate drops immesnly. this needs to be redone with a different approach. what do u guys think?
  10. this is my question. my gig was working amazingly ! getting 5k to 10k views everyday. On the 1st page of the search. suddenly it goes to the last page. anybody has any idea why? i did everything correct. no late deliveries. no cancellations. everything. so why did this happen all of the sudden/? here is my gig. https://www.fiverr.com/purplecgraphics/design-ui-and-ux-for-your-mobile-app any help would be appreciated. thanks
  11. what is the correct way to generate an SEO title? ive seen many posts on forum but never an accurate one. please provide examples gig titles : i will design book cover seo title : book cover design kindle cover design ebook design. is this accurate? thanks!
  12. i dont have any proof of this. but this what i have learnt during my 3-4 years on fiverr… fiverr’s algorithm automatically removes the best performing gigs from the top sometimes to give new sellers a chance. everyone should get a chance. this happens to me like every 3 months. when it does i edit my, do more research and make it better. up to you 🙂 you can always improve your gigs.
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