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  1. Anyone else had a similar issue? I found out there are more and more Companies names on Fiverr instead of real user names. I'm just worried if this could impact my Brand in the future since I bill my customers (outside of Fiverr) with my company name on the invoice. So if they search for my company name they cannot find anything on Fiverr. Or probably they could find my company name in my Bio? What was your experience while growing your Brand on Fiverr? (either using your name or your company name)?
  2. Update: this buyer account has been cancelled from Fiverr. I think the buyer requested a refund to every seller and probably the account got banned. So yea this buyer was getting everything for free from sellers. Is there a way to stop these bad clients? Why Fiverr don't ban them right away?
  3. Hi is there any Top Seller here willing to share some tips in order to grow faster? Thank you so much!! 😊
  4. I'm already a freelancer outside the Fiverr platform. However I came back here and decided I want to put all my efforts to become a Top Rated Seller. What are your best strategies that helped you to become a Top Rated Seller faster on Fiverr? Would you mind sharing some? Thank you for your support!
  5. That's what I did. I've asked the buyer to cancel so he could get the refund. I wanted to avoid any negative review. The buyer just wanted to get the refund and the gig for free.
  6. Thank you! A top seller I know told me I should just use my brand name/company name on fiverr but I've to delete this account and start all over from scratch lol getting reviews it's been hard on my main account so I don't want to delete it lol I can still add my Company name on my profile Bio right? That's what some sellers are doing
  7. Thanks. I didn't know that. So next time even if the buyer keeps complaining I can contact the Fiverr support and tell them to review the order? Btw I've found out this buyer just opened his account last month... so probably is scamming other sellers getting things for free. Can I flag this buyer account to fiverr so they can block him?
  8. Ok thank you. So I should always ask the buyer to cancel the order if worst case scenario the buyer wants a refund? I don't want any negative reviews, how can I avoid that?
  9. Hi guys. I saw some fiverr sellers talking online about how is important to have a Brand name on a fiverr seller profile. Is it true? I mean, my fiverr profile is just my first name but it's different from my company name. Why Fiverr doesn't allow you to change the username on the fiverr profile? I've already worked very hard to get the reviews on my current fiverr profile, should I keep using it or should I just open a new fiverr seller account with my Brand/Company Name? Does it really matter for branding purposes? Thank you.
  10. Ok thanks. It didn't take me too much time to complete the order but it took me a long time to go through the dispute. At the end I was tired of wasting time so I told the buyer please cancel the order and get the refund. I've asked the buyer to cancel so I should not get any negative reviews correct?
  11. Yes, I've completed the order and buyer asked me for more. At the end he said this is not what he was looking for. So he wanted to get everything for free.
  12. Hi guys, so I've completed an order for a buyer. The buyer also asked me for extra stuff which I've delivered. Now after a while the buyer said this is not what he was looking for. So if it wasn't what he was looking for, why he asked me to send some extras as well then? I don't understand. Anyway to avoid any bad reviews, I've asked the buyer to cancel the order in order to get a refund. I feel like this buyer just wanted to get everything for free from me ☹️ I've wasted my entire day dealing with this buyer and lost the money. Did you get the same kind of situation on Fiverr, how did you deal with that?
  13. Why Buyers Don’t Read My Description Before Placing the Order? I wrote in the Description: you must contact me before placing the order please. I do these because I get many inquiries every day and I have to choose which projects to work. Still some buyers do not read anything and place the order right away. Then I have to ask the buyer to cancel the order if I’m too busy and they complain. Why people don’t read? It’s simple! I wrote that in the gig description! My order completion rate was 100% and now it’s going down because some buyers don’t read! Did you have the same problem? Thanks
  14. Hey guys I saw that I can sponsor via ads my gigs? how ? how can I pay for ads to bring traffic to my gig? I’m almost level 1 thanks
  15. Hey guys I’ve been working hard to reach at least the seller one level. Still I’m making $5 per gig and sometimes $15 when a buyer buys some extra gigs. The max I’ve made was like $250 in a month… it’s still hard to reach the next step. My goal is to reach $1000/m on Fiverr before the end of 2020 but I’m not a Level one seller yet. Any tips ? How did you achieve your first $1000/m on the platform? Thank you.
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