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  1. If I understand correctly and you want to use images that you own and are utilizing for one gig on another gig, that should be perfectly fine to do.
  2. No, but feel free to start a thread about that here. Welcome to the community!
  3. I fail to see why people include this when Fiverr has no provisions for actually managing a refund.
  4. It’s a bit “busy”… At small size you can’t read the text and it just looks like a mess. Either go with one key selling point and express it in a short phrase or no text at all.
  5. I don’t think there’s anything like that in place.
  6. Welcome to the forum! This sounds like a specific scenario you’ve encountered. That is certainly not right, especially if (as is quite likely) the seller is utilizing art they don’t have rights to use. I would suggest pointing it out the seller and ask for a revision. If they get defensive, don’t care, or pass on more work that’s not their own, bring it to Customer Service’s attention and they should be able to help you.
  7. 90% of mine are just the bitIy links and the accounts come down in no time at all. Need some interesting material, please, people!
  8. Ha! Love the random “Oh, ****” in the middle.
  9. I don’t know, and even if I did, I wouldn’t want to give every scammer who haven’t learned how to do it instructions. Then you haven’t spent much time on the forum, it’s a known scam. I said to type the two sentences in Google search. It will show then. This is an obvious scam, not a mistake that can be fixed by a revision. Why would anyone want to keep working with someone dishonest? That’s the bit I missed.
  10. I’d say I fall somewhere in the middle. I love that people are excited about what they’re doing and they’re earning something but it admittedly does get a bit bothersome. I will certainly agree that this forum could use a bit of livening up, and a lot of the “complaints” in this thread could be addressed. Write a clear set of rules on the type of post in question. Maybe only certain, significant milestones and crack down on low effort posts. Well written/interesting ones get to stay and maybe go into a category of their own.Recruit new mods to help out with this. Not sure (at all) who has say in this matter or how tied we are to the platform, but I think this at the least is definitely needed.If Fiverr is no longer interested on highlighting sellers on the blog or as Rising Stars, we could implement something similar. Nominate a Fiverr seller or Forum member of the month; have a bio pinned for a while.None of that sounds elegant and it’s mostly rehashed but hopefully it sums up other’s ideas in one place.
  11. No, this hasn’t really been an issue for me. Edit- I’ll clarify. I use Gmail and Google products. Obviously I get targeted ads, but none have had a noticeable connection to this platform (besides Fiverr ads themselves) and I haven’t gotten scammy stuff.
  12. That’s right, and then you look through the text, and everything seems spelled correctly, and you check if the language is set to English and not, say, Hungarian, and it’s set to English, and you wonder if it’s yet another Word glitch. 🙂 So, do they just throw a few characters in there or do they use a tool to convert the whole thing? And, wouldn’t Google only be useful if other copies of the article had been published the same way? It makes sense but I’ve just never heard of this being done.
  13. Yes, you can, and I do. If I only need to deliver a couple small files, though, I would avoid it. If the buyer doesn’t understand how zip files work you’re going to cause a big headache.
  14. Will it give your buyers trust in your abilities? Quite possibly. However, it doesn’t, so far as I can tell, have any effect on your gig rankings.
  15. More specifically, the Terms of Service. https://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service
  16. This is against the ToS I believe, or at least won’t make a noticeable improvement. We can’t really know exactly how the algorithm works, but I should think your click ratio should have some effect. Getting out of a bad review is not worth eternal work. Be VERY cautious here.
  17. And… that’s probably why you’re a freelancer. :rofl:
  18. Having recent TOS violations may be a contributing factor, but TRS is a competitive program and you may not be promoted even if you’re doing everything “right.”
  19. On my analytics page, it says 120 days as level 1. On the other hand, it’s telling me I’ve completed that, despite only being a level 1 seller for one day.
  20. Welcome to Fiverr and to the forum! I would likely title myself a Jack of All Trades, too, and coming in at first, that’s really how I operated. In some ways, it can be a decent start if you’re willing to pick up whatever comes your way. Make a couple gigs spanning different things (not too broad) and you’ll quickly get a feel for what sells, what you can do efficiently, and what you can do well. Good luck!
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