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  1. Firstly I've been really impressed with Logomaker and I recently cracked 100 sales so I'm definitely making progress but here are some of the things I would love to see: Client Facing: The ability for a buyer to choose how many designs come up when they click go e.g. 10, 20, 30 etc. Really important when someone is viewing with poor connectivity The ability for the buyer to scroll for more designs by clicking a button or sliding scale for 'Brand Personality' or 'Style' - currently it takes a lot of clicks to search again.... Better additional suggestions for the buyer based on Similar industries/ Similar Styles/Similar words etc Some better education elements - simple slides showing buyers what you mean by 'Brand Personality' with examples as I think this is one of the most confusing selection option Designer Facing The option to make bulk changes to logos - e.g. you select 10 logos and you see their industries/ styles/ personality on one page and can edit those elements and then save the whole amount The ability to see Data for clients interactions with each logo - How Many Impressions / Most popular keyword that it appears under / How many clients attempted to edit / how many logos are Abandoned Carts / which industries are performing best for a designer - I feel this kind of info is crucial in order to understand why some logos are/aren't performing Designer Interface The ability to reflect a logo left/right or up/down - this would be great for when I'm creating alternates that are really different and not just colour changes (that the interface already offers) Add the option of at least one gradient colour per design - simple 2 boxes of colour with a sliding scale for the gradient (including 'alpha') Add some more shapes on top of Square and Ellipse (Triangle, Pentagon, maybe even star)# Examples of Brand personality (see client suggestions) There have been a couple of mentions of fonts - the current font allocation system is pretty bulky and cumbersome - last used or favourites would be a definite plus! Finally the ability to replace an exiting design with a new version and keep all the metadata/history of the original (just term it v2) why is that important? Well because designers get better - one of my most popular designs is one of my earliest however it's incredibly cumbersome in terms of how I created the SVG - I am sure the sales would improve if I made it easier for buyers to create alternate versions however I don't want to delete it as it's doing so well. That's everything - I hope that these suggestions are useful, I really enjoy Logomaker so keep up the good work!
  2. It's always cool to see how different artist develop different imagery from the same core design - here's mine!
  3. 200 sales for 1 logo is impressive, well done! It seems like gradients and perhaps pictorial/mascots are definitely in. It would actually be great if we had the ability to rank our logos by impressions/sales in the Activity Overview - any chance of that happening?
  4. These new categories are great! I tried to adjust some of my existing design categories but I couldn't locate: • Speech therapy, Physical therapy, Developmental therapy, Occupational therapy, Psychology - could you confirm what sections these are under?# Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the clarification, I'll make sure to go back check that Pictorial and Abstract logos are correctly tagged up!
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