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Found 14 results

  1. Our supply needs are always evolving based on our buyers’ needs. We’ve updated our list of top ranking industries with the fewest conversions to inspire your next designs! As our logo inventory grows, it’s important to cater to more specific industries to better match clients. Consider this a wishlist of needs from clients, just waiting to be fulfilled by you! Upload existing relevant designs or start your creative process with these as inspiration. Industry Most searched keywords Photography Camera, lens Designed by lara1984 and gilidavid Industry Most searched keywords Information technology IT Computer, cloud, laptop, network Designed by harshas and juancharles Industry Most searched keywords Fitness club/gym/center Weights, barbell Designed by pixalogo and zakdesignz Industry Most searched keywords Landscape design tree/s, grass, sun, lawn,mower Designed by dmitry_li, jeromae Ready to get started?! Upload Now
  2. Intro: We’ve put together a list of niche industries with the fewest conversions to inspire your next designs! Consider the following a wishlist of needs from clients, just waiting to be fulfilled by you! As our logo inventory grows, it’s important to cater to more specific industries to better match clients. For example, as our catalog of logos for sports teams or restaurants grows, sellers must include more specific tags such as “football,” “french restaurant,” “Asian restaurant,” etc. The more niche industries your logos touch (the more specific your tailor your designs)., the better opportunity for sellers to match with the right buyer. Here at the top three ways to use search trends to your advantage and grow your business on Fiverr Logo Maker: 1. Have any logo designs you've been waiting to publish? If you have any designs in your portfolio relevant to popular trends, publish them as soon as possible to start ranking in search results. 2. Need a kickstart for your creative process? If you're starting a new design, use trending keywords and industries to guide your concept and inspire you! This way you can deliver exactly what buyers are searching for. 3. Still stuck on which tags and industries to use for your published logo designs? Make sure you're tagging your logo designs effectively with relevant trending keywords specific to your target audience or industry. Take a look at these search trends that are missing design options—Use this as inspiration to design specific logos with the right keywords for maximum discoverability: Industries Motion design & Animation Designed by razco7, igloocreative, umuarus Food Market Designed by lorranehunter, lara1984, tomlie Game art Designed by shamlirotem (two images on the left), rizwan710 Design_agency Design by iiidddooo, alonda, amitmaman Government & politics Designed by dimitrije_, amitmaman , alonda New Keyword trends- jump on the opportunity Cup Designed by manucorsi, vanadium1st, yogh18 Wood Designed by dmitry_li, tal_ni, wigi_wigel World Designed by tomlien, dogaundar, amitmaman Ocean Designed by fransprasetyo, yogh18, marioland People / Group Designed by amitmaman, name_art, pavel_filichev Ready? Share your next design
  3. Top-searched trends deserve top-notch solutions! We’ve gathered the highest-searched industries that are lacking design offers. This is your opportunity to meet their demand! Once you know what buyers are looking for, you can optimize your offerings to match! A few ways to use this list: Create new logos to match these industries with the elements our buyers are searching for (Don’t forget to tag them too!) Add new tags to existing relevant logos to increase your chances of being seen Upload any existing designs you have that already match the requirements! Scroll through to get inspired! Industry Top searched words Singing Microphone, Guitar, Musical notes, stars Designed by Alonda, Ionutsebastian, anishadesign Industry Top searched words Bars Beer, Bar, Alcohol, Wine, Drink/s ,Cocktail/s ,Food Designed by dmitry_li, wigi_wigel, d_design Industry Top searched words Dancing school Dancer, Dance, Star/s, ballet Designed by Budaart, Shapeworks, yehorkolchyba Industry Top searched words 3D design 3D printer Designed by igloocreative, Asafdantes, iiidddooo Industry Top searched words Dance Dancer, Dance, Music, Star/s, ballet Designed by shapeworx, jmvos15, umuarus Industry Top searched words DJ Musical notes, Headphones, Microphone, Speakers, Record Designed by aestheticx, name_art, nathanialdesign Industry Top searched words Social media Camera, People, Microphone Designed by velokris, alonda, fransprasetyo Industry Top searched words Wedding Flower/s, Wedding, Heart/s, Love, Sun, Rings Designed by sen_vel, lihi_ann, tal_ni Do your designs hit the mark? Upload them to inspire others! Publish a Logo
  4. Why fiverr not showing keywords in suggestions of tags while some sellers are using same keywords in their tags. Why i am facing this issue ?
  5. Why fiverr not showing keywords for tags while my competitors using same keywords in their tags.? why I am disable to use these keywords in tags?
  6. How to pick the elements in my logos correctly to reach the most relevant potential buyer Tagging logos is different from tagging images on social media. In social media, we want to tell our audience (our friends and family) about our experiences. We will tag what we FEEL (happy, love), what the experience is (fun, exciting), what we THINK it is (fun, cute), and so on. In Logo Maker our audience is different. It’s not our family or friends but people who want to find the right logo for their business. The logos’ matching algorithm is built from various attributes- Industry, style, type, brand personality and graphic elements (tags). We use those attributes so buyers can find their best match in the easiest way possible. In order to do so, we want to tell buyers what the logo actually IS. Let's get into a buyer's head: She is looking for specific elements in visuals that would fit her business. If the buyer is in the real estate industry and wants a real estate logo with a house in it, she would choose “Real Estate” as the industry, and tag “house” in the graphic elements section. When describing your elements, look at it as if you're looking at a picture and ask yourself: WHAT DO I SEE? And ONLY name that: hat, person, leaf, house etc. A good differentiation would be: if we describe graphic elements in a logo of a house, we would use "HOUSE", and not "HOME" because home is how we feel in the house and not what we see. For Example: In the logo below, what do we SEE? What should I avoid tagging? The words 'logo', 'logo design', 'design' or 'icon'- there’s no need 🙂 Words such as 'sketch', 'drawing', 'line art', 'watercolor' Feelings/ emotions- what we feel (eg. 'happy', 'cheerful') Adjectives/ what we think it is (eg. beautiful, elegant, clean) Softwares I use to edit (ex. Photoshop, Illustrator) Industries (this is why we have the industries in a separate section)--ex. real estate, e-commerce Style- modern, old, chic, unique, The style or type of the logo (we have a different section for that as well)--ex. minimal, mascot Want to read more? check out our new article about tagging graphic elements in the Logo Maker here
  7. While creating my Gig I wouldn't be able to use the correct "Related Tags" like "amazon fba" and others as well, as you can clearly see those Tags are used by other seller (Related Tag Image) but when I am trying to add those Tags, then it is not available there. (Screenshots Attached)
  8. https://de.fiverr.com/share/xe15P4 That‘s my gig. I would like to have some tips please, I am pretty new on Fiverr. Thank you.
  9. recently most tags are not showing in my gigs and all my gigs are in the last page . I was on the first page but now on the last page, knowing that the competition is 160 gigs only
  10. Hi! I've tried so many tags in my gigs but I don't think adding something random or copying from others gigs will work. As I'm doing so for months. I want kilos of impressions on my gigs. How can you help me get the right tags? Is any of your gig getting lots of impressions? If yes, how did you found the right tags for yourself? Please help me with all this. Please tell me how to do proper research. Please 🙏 My name: Hamza
  11. I am trying to to tell new sellers that only add those tags in your gig that are also available in gig description. It is important to be relevant with your business otherwise there may be problem with gig rankings. Regards webinia. Follow me.
  12. Years ago i was level two seller, In last 6 months i just completed 1 work, and still not getting any message, probably i'm not invest much time here now, Now my question is, already i've got more than 70+ reviews in my gig, and completed over 100+ work, If i edit this gig now to get better rank, is it really perform well? Or what should i do now? Thanks
  13. For the past week I've been getting low impressions on all my gigs so I did keyword research and updated my tags and gigs images after the update I got 0 impressions on all my gigs I contacted the support team it's been 14hours already and still no reply I don't know what to do someone should please give me a solution
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