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  1. Seller should honest from their view and should know the value of time of buyer... Only expert word can't do this I think.
  2. Fiverr recommend to make an gig image with minimum of 555 x 370 px... so you can use it either you can also make it for 1280 x 720 px... There will be no problem for it
  3. It's not important that much... If it was then FIVERR make it mandatory for all of us... So you can use either 1 or 3... As per your service
  4. First of all try to solve the problem you faced while working on them... Then try to get some order by sending buyer request... Or wait for 60 days to reset everything... There is no shortcut way here... and while sharing your gig on social media please don't spam...
  5. New seller : you guys having tip? REALLY!! 😁
  6. It feels like everyone is busy. 😅😅😅
  7. If buyer contact CS then it can be changed... And you can find the option below in your account page... "HELP & SUPPORT"
  8. Have patience... Buyer will to that for you...
  9. No you can't... Everything need to be 1 piece...
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