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Found 19 results

  1. my account is temporally restricted. How to solve it? And how long it take? i already contact support team. Now its one month. Not yet solve. So whats percent chance to account fix?
  2. hello so i'm a level two selller on this platform, and everything was going great when i started, i was getting arround 1k impressions a day, then i had some late deliveries like 4-5 months ago so i dropped until a new seller and on this period i wasn't getting orders from new people, so i thought that maybe the reason is that i was a new seller and my stats were just so bad everything was arround 70-80% and my avg response time was like 14h so i wasn't surprised of not getting orders, the problem is that i got back into level 2 seller the 15th of this month, and all my profile stats are perfect (i attached a screenshot) and all my last buyers left a 5 star review, like everything is perfect by my side and i'm active 24h on fiverr, but i'm getting lower than 100 impression a day on all my gigs, and my main gig that have 185 review on it isn't on the first pages of the platform, btw i'm in a nich where the is no big competition, there is buyers with 0 reviews on the first page but i can't find my gig in the first 20 pages, i'm always contacting the support about this problem but i'm always getting the same text from them, i feel like i'm getting puniched and my account is blacklisted on the platform, there is any solution ? here's the gig that i'm talking about :https://www.fiverr.com/slappyvfx/professionally-edit-your-fortnite-montage
  3. Hi, I Want to sell my desktop and buy a laptop. My friend also want sell his laptop and buy a desktop. so we decided to replace our device. He also a fiverr user. Now the question is if we both replace our device, is it effected to our profile?
  4. I met a buyer who came to me for his store marketing landing page which I decided to help him. During project I kept him updated about the project and he sad he like the project. After I finished the project and delivered to him, HE ACCEPTED the project immediately because he LIKE it. After delivery, I told him that he will need to also set up EMAIL AUTOMATION for his store being an ecommerce store and the buyer said WHY IS IT THAT THIS IS THE LITTLE GAMES ALL OF YOU ARE PLAYING ON FIVERR? i asked him which game was that, and he said someone also did same for him without doing anything for him, and he started screenshotting the custum offers the person sent to him to me. I pitied him and try to console him but what he said next surprised me " I WANT A REFUND" Meanwhile, I have delivered the project to him and he was the one that accepted the order. I decided not to talk then maybe he is angry and I still went back to him, but he never said anything again. I thought maybe he have letgo of the anger until two months later { which I am now a level One seller)when I suddenly recieve a notification that says "THE MONEY HAS BEEN REFUNDED BACK TO THE OWNER" The refunded money is not the problem but the problem is that I recieved the notification on 13th of the month and fiverr revolution day is 15th of the month which caused my account level demotion from LEVEL ONE seller to a NEW LEVEL SELLER. PLS what can I do to solve this problem? and Is it fair enough for fiverr not to consult the sellers ideas before judging? Does that mean that the buyer is here to scam me?
  5. I want to create one more fiver account for one of my family members and it is for a different purpose... to sell something different. How can I do that?
  6. I'm confused! Please help: My gig(s) impression increase every day (by at least 80-100) but it overall number reduces (like from 7k to 2k). I will appreciate
  7. Does sanctions on Fiverr's forum affect a seller's main account? I will like to learn.... Thank you!
  8. Hello, Fiverr expert. Hope you are all well. I am Monir from Bangladesh. Recently I have fall in a problem. My problem is the setting of the locaton. Check out the picture. I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. But now my location is showing in different location. Note: Thought I changed my passwords it shows still the smae locaton. How can I solve this problem??? please expert brother and sister suggest me. Thank you in advanced.
  9. How I use my two same category account from same wifi? That case What's must be need to ensure? Only two separate computer is enough for that? N.B. ( my running account conditions is not good, that reason I asked the question😑)
  10. I have a Fiverr personal account. but also I have a team. Now I want to create a business account on my pc to work together. should I delete my personal account to create/use a business account?
  11. As per my government ID I only have one name. So, while making account on Fiverr, a last name was required. So, to fill that field I typed a name in it. Now, Fiverr is asking me to verify my Identity. So, all I want to ask is will there be any problem for me...??
  12. My fiverr account is permanently disabled! Now, is there any way to fix this?
  13. I got the news today, I am in Bangladesh at the moment. I am going to another country to study in a few days. Could this be a problem with my Fiverr account or a problem running Fiverr in another country? Please let the experts know a little.
  14. Hi, This is Ahmad Raza.I'm a professional SEO Expert and I've started working on fiverr when Google announced Core web vitals back in April 2021. Then I created a gig on fixing Core web vitals and I was the only one who started in the beginning of The Google Announcement This is why my gig went like crazy i've done 300 Orders in first 2 months and Got like 700+ Websites Optimizations. But its been 3 months My gig went away from search results and Now my gig is on the last page with 221, 5 Star Reviews and Avg Selling price of 25 Dollars. My stat is really good. 97% Completion Rate, 100% Response Rate, 5.0 Ratings. I don't understand Fiverr why it is doing this to me. None of my gig are ranking. But I used to rank 1st on Core web vitals Keyword. If i go to search core web vitals now on fiverr i'm still the best with most positive reviews even its been 3 months since my gig went down. I really need help with this please tell me anything that i can do to get my gig back ranking up. I'm so disappointed with this algorithm. This is my Gig Link:https://www.fiverr.com/ahmad_seo_pro/fix-core-web-vitals-issues-lcp-fid-cls-in-wordpress-etc I've also attached my stats in the file.
  15. Hello everyone, hope all are fine. Now I am in depression, I was create my fiverr account in 2018 but was not active and work. Now I want to work. Please suggests me, Can I do work in this account or delete it and create a new one. Which is the better for me for get order in fiverr.
  16. Thanks for the help! I am new at Fiverr, We have a team and we run only one account and one gig. We used my picture as a profile picture of Fiverr and Verified this account using my NID card and my picture. But now we want to use our other member picture as a user profile. Is it will be any problem?
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